Friday, August 12, 2016

Transition to "Real" School

Mike and I have decided to send the kids to Catholic School.  It was a tough decision, our neighborhood schools and charter schools have great ratings, but Mike and I both came from Catholic School upbringing and feel it fits our values, discipline style and will reinforce what we are preaching at home.  We feel so good about our decision, nut I have been dreading telling Princess Lillian that she can't wear sandals, tiara's and pretty dresses everyday.
BOY.....was I in for a surprise.  Lillian not only accepted her new uniform, she stripped down right there at the St. Anne's clothing swap and wore it home.  And she wore the uniform that evening to the Holy Family Church Bazaar. 
Ready for Kindergarten!
 Look at that haul!
 Pictured here next to the Statue of St. Anne.
Mrs. Gregg, who evaluated Lillian for Kindergarten today, said it's a school tradition to photograph your student in front of the cross each year to mark their growth! Here's how she measured up.

Al the excitement of selecting free uniform clothes wore this girl out.  She passed out seconds after getting in the van.  Too bad they won't have naptime in kindergarten!

 But the nap did her some good, she was able to keep up with Joseph at the church bazaar that evening!

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