Monday, August 22, 2016

1st Day of our next 15 Years

Joseph & Lillian were thrilled to start their first day at their new schools.  The morning went well, although we are going to really need to work on getting out the door a little quicker.  They've grown quite accustomed to lounging in their PJ's for most of the summer. 
We pulled into Joseph's new school first, Little People Landing.
Immediately, he spied the playground from the back seat and squealed, "Thank you for sending me to Rocket School Mom!".  Because the lighthouse / playhouse on the playground looked like a rocket ship to my 4 year old.  So naturally, I went with it.  Whatever helps make school fun!

 With Joseph sitting happily in "circle time" with his soon to be buddies, it was time to take the Kindergartener to school.
 First, a little "first day of school" gift from Fiona.  A diary, with fresh pages to record a fresh years worth of memories. 
 Lillian with Mrs. Navarro, Mrs. Gregg and Mrs. Porecco

 Thomas, Brenna, Charlotte, Addie and Ava
 Lining up at the end of the 1/2 day of school.

Happy to see her mommy in the crowd, Lillian came running toward me!  We spent the rest of the afternoon visiting Uncle Ian at his office, having lunch with Daddy, Aunt Casey and baby Natalie and cruising the shops in Olde Town Arvada. 
Today was Mike's first day at work.  Thankfully, his first day consisted of boring paperwork and safety orientations, so he was able to sneak away and have lunch with his girls for a few minutes! 

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