Friday, March 9, 2012

Lillian at 10 Months

Mike and I feel there have been very few surprises when it comes to parenting so far.  We have felt well prepared to take on any challenges that Lillian throws our way, but no one can prepare you for getting a 10 month old to pose for a picture!  Lillian wiggles constantly.  She has no fear, diving head first into the floor.  This picture is the only one we took that didn't have our hands holding her back. 
Lillian is still the most social baby I've ever seen.  Tonight at the grocery store she smiled and waved to every stranger that passed by, seriously, every single one!  A few nights ago at the park she did the same thing, grabbing the attention of even the most serious of runners.  Lillian has gone on jobs with Daddy and she has become his #1 marketing tool. 

Lillian has developed quite a fondness for Hope. And thankfully, Hope tolerates her pretty well too.

 She crawls right over to the dogs when they're eating dinner and reaches in to grab their food.  They are both so gentle with her!  Mostly she just likes to hear the bang that the dog bowls make when she beats them on the floor!