Monday, June 30, 2014

Love Thy Brother....

Please, please tell me these two will love each other this much always!!!
 Sharing a plate of food and mesmerized by the same show....ahhh life is bliss.
Testing out the camp chairs we bought "for Daddy" for Father's Day!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Bad, Bad Boy!

Jak's in a biting phase right now and it's awful.  Not only does it hurt...but it's embarassing as a parent too!  The worst part is you don't see it coming.  He comes at you like he's going to hug you then, CRUNCH...he bites ya instead!  He is the most empathetic child I've ever seen, he freaks when Curious George gets whisked away by a balloon, yet he's biting his friends and family! 
We've warned his teachers and we're working on positive reinforecement.  Every morning this week, we've offered Jak an incentive not to bite.  "Jak, if you don't bite anyone today, we can go to the fire truck playground afterschool."  Or, "Jak, we'll have popsicles after school if you don't bite."  So far it's working, Lillian checks up on him throughout the day when she sees him through the fence on the playground.  Maybe he'll learn a few words soon and not communicate like this! 
Here's a couple pics of the kids at McDonald's afterschool as part of Jak's
"No Biting Rehabilitation Program"

Lillian might be smiling ear to ear in this picture but check out the bite mark on her stomach from earlier that day!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Summers in Michigan Can't Be Beat!

Now I see the true lure of Whitehall, Michigan.  Grandpa Kerschen and Grandma and Grandpa Cooper live in kid paradise!  I've always loved visiting our Michigan family. But last week was EPIC!  The kids could not have had more fun swimming in White Lake, Duck Lake, Aunt Cathy's pool and Grandpa's pool.  They got to ride in motor boats, jet skis, kayaks and paddle boats.  They learned to jump off docks, go fishing with Daddy, roast marshmallows and make S'Mores. They skipped naps, took late naps and tried to stay up later than the sun (which isn't easy in Michigan - it stays light till after 10 o'clock!).  Grandma Kerschen treated them to an indoor Play Palace that had every toy under the sun!  It's no wonder, they didn't want to leave!
This girl could not love her grandpa more!  He got a lot of snuggles just like this one throughout the week.
Both kids warmed up to the lake right away.   
We played "Momma Watch this" over and over and over again, as they jumped in the lake and climbed back up on the dock.
Jak wasn't too sure about walking on the dock at first, by the end of the week he was running up and down those planks!
Who doesn't appreciate a perfect toddler footprint on the beach?
The view from Grandpa Kerschen's deck can't be beat.  Especially in Daddy's arms.
He shoots...he scores!!!
"Grandma, Can you make Daddy build me a race track just like this?"
Johnny Guitar....AKA Justin Beiber and Heart kept us entertained one rainy afternoon in East Lansing!  Their back-up dancer wasn't half bad either!
We spent a wonderful day with the Allan side of the family.  It was so great to see Uncle Jim and Aunt Louise, Father Jeffrey and two of Lynn and Chad's girls.  We missed Lynn and Chad and their other two girls though!  
Unwinding at Grammie Kerschen's house after a very busy day swimming and dancing!
We sure loved our time with Aunt Cathy, Johnny and Layla!
"The Godfather" AKA Cousin Phil - thanks for making the drive up to see us! 
Lil's First Fish!!!!!
Practicing for future..."Long walks on the beach..."
"Wait up guys!!!"
Happy 70th Birthday Grandpa!  
I wonder what the common people are doing today?
"Jak, You want to go faster Buddy?"
"I don't know what a S'More is but I can't wait to have one!"
Hard at work

"Hey Mister, Did you check the gas?"
"Where can I fly you to today Ma'am?"

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Mountain Excursion

The gloomy overcast day couldn't keep us from heading "up the hill".  We took a trip to Gross Reservoir to scope it out as a future-camping-trip site.  It was only about an hour from our front door to the parking lot...sounds like a winner to me!

 These kids can have fun anywhere!

 Jak couldn't understand why we weren't jumping in the lake.  Mike and I took turns holding him tight!

 The sun broke through for a few minutes.  I love this picture of the boys.
Jak was tuckered out even though he didn't get to swim!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Where the Wild Things Are...

Grammie Hanou was right, Halloween costumes are fun all year long...

Monday, June 2, 2014

So Much to Do...At the Zoo!

God we love our zoo pass! 
Uncle Robert makes them giggle as they run around the "cave".

Most kids Lillian's age ran screaming from this Colorado Rapids Mascot.  Not Lillian, she chased him!

Ridin' on a Hippo...

How many more times do you think we can visit the zoo before they realize you can buy tickets to ride this train?

I love seeing their height comparison in this picture.  Jak is catching up...

There's something very peaceful about watching Gorilla's.  We stood here for a half an hour!