Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Guests

It's been a summer of visitors so far and we have more to come!  Father's Day weekend (I know I'm slow on the updates!!!!), Anyway, Father's day weekend we had my mom and dad, Mike's mom and sister Cathy and her two adorable kids visiting!  Add that to my sister Casey, brother-in-law Rob, brother Ian, sister-in-law Kim and their two adorable kids who all live here in Denver and we had a very busy 5 days together! 
Between backyard bbq's, a neighborhood street fair, walks around the lake, and City Park Jazz, we tried our best to wear the kids out!  Cathy, Mary Kay and the kids stayed with Mike & I and helped put our nursery to use!  Mom and Dad stayed with Holden and Everett while Ian and Kim enjoyed a little alone time in the mountains for Kim's friend Jess's wedding.  It was awesome - I just love taking a vacation and staying in Denver! 

Holden is so helpful now that she's 3!  She was very excited when her daddy came home and she could introduce him to her new friends Johnny & Layla!  She also tried to introduce her Uncle Mike to his niece and nephew  - we're working on explaining the family tree to her...

This past weekend we had a more adult visit with my college roommate and very good friend Jen!  Jen has two youngsters at home too and really deserved a weekend away!  It was a quick trip - it's hard to leave her adorable kids behind for too long - I understand!  We showed Jen a little "Colorado" while she was out here!  We took her camping Friday night to Jefferson Lake area.  We had 11 campers and 6 dogs with us to celebrate Jen's visit and Casey's 29th birthday!  (Yes, Casey really is only 29 - all weekend people couldn't believe she wasn't 30 yet - I think that's a sign all our friends are getting older!) 
It was so great to have Jen here!  The past few times we've been lucky enough to get together we've had so many other friends and family around us - it was wonderful to have her to myself and even better to show off my everyday life to her.  We've been friends for 15 years now - and live very different lives, yet she's still one of the dearest people to my heart.  I appreciate her visit so much! 

Mike and I have enjoyed several trips to the hills this summer.  We spent the 4th of July in one of our favorite mountain towns, Salida, CO.  We've been hiking, resting in our hammocks and taking a break from the city heat and busy work lives we both have down in Denver.  We haven't been fishing once this summer but that's about to change.  We're heading to Meadow Creek Reservoir next weekend - it was the 1st camping trip we ever took together when we were dating and always makes us happy to return there.  So many good memories in our camper that Mike calls our "Red Neck Paradise"...