Wednesday, March 29, 2017

One Lucky Little Girl

 I had to work Monday and Tuesday but Lillian got to spend some quality time alone with Grammy & Opa.  I think she could have sat here and watched the creek all day.  On Wednesday, I was home with Graceyn & Lillian.  We met Casey & the girls, who are also on Spring Break at Bass Pro Shop.  Such fun...and free!

Next I took the girls to Murdoch's....the chicks just arrived!  They were so fun to look at, too bad we couldn't hold one! 

 After lunch these hot chicks cruised the neighborhood in their jeep.  Then we picked Joseph up from school and headed to the Stanley Lake Library for a program on Kites & Pinwheels.  It was a terrific day...I didn't get much NYC packing done - but we had fun!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Quality Time

We only have the two kids, yet one on one time with either of them is rare.  They play so well together and love each other so much that we really try hard to always make sure they include each other, even when they have a friend over to visit.  But for the first time ever, Joseph & Lillian were invited to play at a friends house this weekend at separate times.  First, we all visited the playground at Weber Elementary (where Joseph is enrolled in 1/2 day Kindergarten beginning in August of this year).  To help get him excited, we tested out the new playground passed our test!  Then, we dropped Joseph off at Marcus' house for a play date.  When I asked Lillian what special activity she wanted to do with just mommy, she opted to just stay home and have un-interrupted play time in her room.  But that was a good idea, that helped her relax and rest for her big playdate and sleepover at Graceyn's house.  After I dropped Lillian off at Graceyn's it was time to pick up Joseph.  When I asked him what he wanted to do with his one on one time with mommy, he said, "Go Exploring!".  So we hiked the Two Ponds Nature Trail for a bit and had a great time.  Then we went out to dinner with Daddy.  What a treat to take one kid out for a meal in public!  It was a great start to Lillian's Spring Break Week.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Picked Up in Style

Lillian thinks sun roofs are just about the coolest thing.  Grammy & Opa picked the kids up from school today and this is how they pulled up to the house. 

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Golden High School Musical

We enjoyed a matinee musical this afternoon with Grammy.  We got there early enough to have front row seats to see the Wizard of Oz.  The kids loved the show, so much so that Joseph flopped onto the floor at the end in excitement.  Well, his excitement caused the real live Toto to run off stage and try and take Jak's blankie.  Jak held on tight, the dog pulled and pulled at his blankie with his mouth and the whole cast tried to call Toto back up to the stage.  It was hysterical!  After the show we were able to meet the cast members and snap a few shots with them. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Dinner

I love having my parents in Denver!!!  It was so nice to share the kid-carpooling today.  Grammy & Opa picked up Lillian and Joseph and brought them to Lowry to visit me at work.  Fiona took us for a ride on the golf cart all around Lowry.  Surprise, surprise Joseph loved the Airplanes displayed outside of the museum.  we hosted a Green Beer & Sprite Happy Hour with live music and had a great time.  After work, we met Casey, Rob, the girls and Mike at St. James for a Fish Fry.


Thursday, March 16, 2017

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Kids Concert at the Oriental

Yesterday, Lillian was in Northwest Denver for the Girl Scout event and today we're all in NW Denver at the Oriental Theater.  What a nice trip down memory lane!

We met a bunch of friends and family at the show.  But with so many little ones and such good music, it was hard to really catch up with everyone!  But it was fun and we're all looking forward to the next show.

Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Graceyn & Lillian Kind of Day

Joseph is still recouping from his intestinal blockage and was in NO shape to attend the St. Patrick's Day Parade in downtown Denver this year.  He and Daddy stayed home (and close to a toilet).  Grammy, Opa, Lillian, Graceyn, Ashley, Wyatt, Keira, Natalie, Casey & I all boarded the Light Rail in Stapleton and trekked our way into the city.  Thank goodness it was raining slightly, I think the iffy weather kept a lot of people at home.  But a little light rain didn't bother us at all.  We had front row parade viewing, room to dance and great positioning for candy collecting!

Later in the afternoon, the Daisies met at the Firehouse in Northwest Denver, right down the street from our old house.  They earned some sort of badge for attending and learning about fire safety. 

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Poop is Serious Business

Joseph's stomach has hurt all week, he seems fine during the day while he's running around playing, but when he lays down it hurts.  He hasn't pooped in God-knows-how-long.  No one at school monitors it (and why would they! He's 4!!!).  I've been giving him laxatives for the last few days, but it appears it was a little too late for laxatives.  We needed something stronger.  And Joseph, Mom and Dad could REALLY use some sleep!  He's been up all night the last 2 nights.  We finally decided it was time for some professional assistance (to make sure I was treating the right condition).  So the Kerschen's took a trip to the ER.  The nurse gave Joseph his own vial of blood to keep.  From that moment on he was the best patient!  After the week we've endured, I will never take poop (or lack of poop) for granted again.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Visiting Lillian at School

 Joseph considers it a real treat when he gets to visit Lillian at school (I always pick her up first since he's closer to home).  But every once in a while it works out that I get him first.  Today, I picked him up first because his tummy is hurting.