Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Grandpa Kerschen's Visit!

Grandpa Kerschen came to visit for more that 24 hours and I wasn't in the hospital!  Yippy!  We got some good, quality time with Grandpa, even though he still opted to stay in a hotel.  We'll have a more suitable guest room for him by the time he comes again and he won't be able to use that as an excuse not to stay with us!  Even those he's gone I can still hear Lillian say, "Come get me, Grandpa, Come get me".  She must have uttered this phrase a few dozen times each day he was here and she made that poor man chase her all over the place.  She also made grandpa play ring-around-the-rosie, have tea parties and do all sorts of other fun 2 year old girl activities. 
An empty house under construction sure makes a great play house for young kids! 

Great 3 generation picture of my boys.

An even better picture of Big Joe with Little Joe.

Jak wants to walk everywhere, he's hard to hold in your arms, he dives right out!

Daddy gave Lillian a penny to feed the dinosaur, it ended up costing him a hole pocket full of change!  Pretty smart donation ploy at Red Rocks.  Lillian wanted to hear the dinosaur growl again and again!

The view from Grandpa's shoulders was the best!

But relaxing with Mommy in the parking lot is pretty great too!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Jak at 9 Months

Man, it's hard to take this 9 month old boys picture!  He is so active.  He squirms and wiggles right out of your arms if you're not careful.  He wants nothing more than to be able to take off right after Lillian and run.  He's army crawling now - which helps - but he is still so frustrated that he can't get places as easily as the big kids.  He lifts his belly right off the ground and acts like he wants to crawl then flops back down and drags himself.  Jak loves to stand at the coffee table and play.  We throw several toys in front of him and he remains happy for about a half an hour.  When we let Jak "walk" by holding onto to our fingers he takes several steps now - he's catching on - it won't be long.
Jak has four teeth - the bottom two he's showing off proudly in this picture.  He's finally starting to eat more food.  I'm not sure how he's gotten this big, he barely wants to eat.  But like Mike says,  "Have you ever met an adult that doesn't eat?".  He'll come around.  
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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Lillian is Two!

This picture was taken the morning of her 2nd Birthday on our way to school. 
She was so proud to have purple pigtails just like her Abby doll!
Lillian is a toddler!  Gone are so many of her baby characteristics (except for those cute chubby cheeks!).   She no longer has the saggy diaper waddle when she runs away since she is diaper free all day including naptime.  She constantly demands to do things by her "Self, SELF!" then in the same breath she'll turn and ask for help.  She jumps up & down like a toddler now and climbs on everything!  But the truest sign that she has moved into the next phase of her childhood development is her fine tuned negotiating skills.  If we tell her it's bedtime in 5 minutes, she'll say "No, 6!".  If we offer her 3 chocolate covered ray rays for going potty in the toilet, she'll respond "No, 4 ray rays!".  The negotiating doesn't surprise me, I've babysat and worked daycare enough to be prepared for that.  But her math skills blow me away!  We test her all the time by throwing out random numbers and she always replies with one more.  What 2 year old can count so well? 

Lillian loves to encourage her brother to crawl.  We spend a lot of time on our hands and knees showing Jak what to do.  It must be working, he scoots himself all across the basement, trying to keep up with her.  He hasn't figured out how to use his legs yet, he just drags them behind himself like a wounded soldier (make that a wounded soldier with a grin from ear to ear!).  He's so proud of his mobility and gushes from the attention he's receiving from his sister. 
A little shy when we sang Happy Birthday
Big hugs when Daddy arrived!
Aunt Casey showing off Keira!