Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Jophus Turns Four!

 Joseph has grown so much this summer....and not just in height!
 Paw Patrol and Rockets are his favorite things these days.  Thank god, Lillian enjoys Paw Patrol too because I swear they watch episodes 1/2 of the day while Mike and I are at work.  I think staying home with a 13 year old babysitter and his sister this summer has been really good for him.  His language (and use of his words) have really increased.  I hope it helps him to be less impulsive when interacting with his friends at his new school.  He's a sweet boy 95% of the time; a great snuggler, kisser and such a lovable rambunctious boy! Of course, he still introduces himself as Jophus, so perhaps he has some language development he still needs to work on!
He loves his new gifts that arrived via Amazon delivery today! 

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