Wednesday, June 21, 2017


One of Linda's sons, Cody sent us a message on Facebook that he was going to be in Colorado for a work conference this week.  I'm so glad my schedule is so open to drop everything and take a trip to Georgetown mid-week.  Not working is a very strange adjustment.  The kids and I have really enjoyed summer so far and it's only the end of June.  I hope it doesn't go too fast!
Grammy, Opa the kids and I all piled in the mini-van and drove to Georgetown.  We hit the playground first and then met Cody for lunch at the Happy Cooker.
Lillian and Jak were pretending to be a married couple, and the playground was there castle.  They didn't want to leave!

We all miss Linda so much, but being with Cody made us all feel a little better.  It's nice to see how happy he is and what a great life he's making for himself.  His mom would be proud.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Post Wedding Michigan Fun!

As usual, we had a great time in Michigan.  Our only regret is that Emily didn't wait until the end of summer to get married....we're so sad it's over and we have to wait a year until we can go back!  We saw Johnny and Layla play baseball, had ice cream with grandma, went to Science Camp at Lansing Catholic High School, caught frogs, watched a snake eat a frog (and swallow if whole!), Lillian lost another tooth (her 8th tooth, 3 of which she lost in Michigan!), we finally spent a day at Michigan Adventure (and the kids loved every minute of it - except poor Lillian who prefers the smaller roller coasters for now....just because you're tall enough for Shiver Me Timbers, doesn't mean your ready!), and "stopped to smell the roses" a bit. 

Emily & Ryley's Beautiful Beach Wedding

We arrived in Whitehall late Thursday night, getting into Grandpa Kerschen's house around 2 am.  Lillian and I had to be up and Bridal Brunch ready by 7:30.  Somehow we pulled it off, and thankfully Cathy drove us there so I could 1/2 day dream, 1/2 zone out on the ride there!  
Cathy Kerschen and Cathy Mullowney thru a beautiful bridal brunch, and Candy put together terrific games, including a pre-recorded question/answer game between Emily and Ryley.  It was so clever, incredibly personal and very sentimental.  Well done, Michigan Kerschens!

Lillian and Joseph had very significant roles in the wedding, so the rehearsal was very important for these two!  Lillian of course, has been practicing her flower girl petal dropping for months now.  But I'm not sure if Jak new what he signed up for!  One things for sure, he loved the beach!

Emily is an event planner and it showed!  Her wedding was so well orchestrated, well thought out and really meaningful for all of those involved.  And she was the most beautiful bride I've ever seen.  We were a little nervous that Jak wouldn't walk down the aisle, but when the crowd turned and saw his sign announcing, "Here Comes the Bride", they oooo'd and awww'd and he hammed it up!  Lillian, like I said has been practicing, and she is a natural born flower girl!

 Without anyone telling them, the kids all lined up to see Emily & Ryley's first dance. Lillian was so mesmerized, I had to go tap her shoulder to remind her to sit down so other's can see.  Even the little boys were awestruck.  It was so sweet.  Emily made the most amazing speech, honoring her father - in - law who died of cancer just a few months before the wedding.  She pre-wrote what she wanted to say, but how she so eloquently read it aloud I'll never know.  I wish I was 1/2 that strong!  I know her words meant a lot to the Miller Family.