Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Uncle John and Aunt Candy include us on their anniversary trip!

No they didn't invite us to drive down the California coastline with them, but they did make a stop in Denver for a few days at the end of their trip!  The kids really enjoyed having their aunt and uncle to themselves.  When we're in Michigan there are so many Kerschens - having Uncle John and Aunt Candy's undivided attention was a real treat!  We even kept the kids out of school one day. 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fun Times This Fall

The weather has been so nice....Lillian is still wearing her summer dresses everyday (with a sweatshirt or leggings of course!).  The Wooden Shoe brought in this contraption for the lobby.  All the kids love it and all the parents pray for it to go away.  I had trouble getting my kids to leave before they purchased this bouncy play gym, now it's impossible!  The Kerschen Family rule is - no bouncing in the morning so we can at least make it to work on time!

 More good times at the Denver Zoo...

 We really enjoy Saturday morning pajama play....
 But we love October dress up birthday parties more!
 Caroline's 2nd Birthday!

 Followed by Sunday morning pajama time!

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Pre-Halloween Fun with Daddy

Momma had to work today, so Daddy took the kids to the Scarecrow Festival in Old Towne Arvada.  This was the first of many opportunities to dress up this month!

Dad wore them out!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

School Friends

 Zoey Jackson turned 3 and had her party at the Little Gym just like Mia did last spring.

The kids loved every minute of it. 

 I work so hard to pick up the kids as soon as possible after work, and they never want to leave!  Here they are monkeying around.....

 Miss Sophia carved a pupkin with the kids in Lillian's class and let them squish the seeds between their fingers.  The Wooden Shoe is the coolest place for kids!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

A Visit From Zaniac!

It was so nice to see Uncle Zane!  Man do we miss the Michalko's.  Matt Stephens hosted a house warming party in his new fancy duplex and it was really nice to go to an adult party! 

 Matt, Mike, Zane and Neil.
 Zane, Tim and Mike.

 Uncle Zane taught the kids a fun new game - Monkey-in-the-middle. 
 We invited the neighbors over to hot-tub.  Whoever said back door guests are the best sure had it right, we love it when the Cabrals hop the fence!