Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Our Michigan Relatives Really Make us Feel at Home!

Mike and I can't believe how much we packed in to the last 10 days.  On the flight home, we made a list of the highlights, because we were afraid we'd forget a detail!
  • Lillian knocked out her two top teeth wrestling with Grandpa
  • We met baby Lucy and spent a whole day swimming and relaxing with our "outlaws"
  • Followed up by another large family dinner at the Coopers
  • We saw the play "Peter Pan" with Grandma
  • We visited to Potter zoo, rode horses and brushed goats!
  • We saw the movie "Secret Life of Pets" in the theater
  • We had our 3rd annual pool party at Cathy's house with the Allan family (Jim & Louise, Lynn and all 4 girls, Father Jeff and Marsha & Frank drove up from Indiana to join us)
  • We boated, tubed and kayaked again and again and again!
  • We enjoyed several campfires (with S'mores of course!)
  • We learned how to slide down Grandpa's slide and jump off the diving board
  • Lillian attempted waterskiing, and even made a second attempt after the first one didn't go so well!
  • Jak enjoyed 2 birthday parties - with Paw Patrol theme and lots of cake!
  • We played in the sand on the bach
  • Rode on Jet ski's - one time Lillian was playing on the jet ski and actually started the engine all by herself!  And another time, while riding with Uncle John, Lillian actually fell asleep while jet skiing.  Guess the 10 days of non stop summer fun finally caught up to her!
  • We caught lots of fish!
  • Joseph discovered and helped himself to lots of Grandma and Grandpa Coopers blueberries!
One day difference between these two photos!

 The girls....and Jak!

No safer place than sleeping in Daddy's arms.
 Fun at Grammy Kerschen's House

Let the play begin!

 Lansing's zoo is so hands on and quite impressive!

Dinner and fishing and playing at the Rahrig's House was fun!

Happy birthday you big 4 year old!

So tan and happy

 Blueberry thief!
 Grandma and Grandpa Cooper's Paradise

 The White Lake Channel Lighthouse

 The sugar crash!
 Carefree living

Riding along on Grandpa's man powered pool cover!

 Sunset chasing....
 That's a good one!
 Best buds....
 1st attempt at waterskiing.  She tried twice, even though the first time took her breath away a little bit, she begged Daddy to let her try one more time.  Brave girl... 

And another Michigan birthday celebration for Joseph!

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