Thursday, June 17, 2010


What a great wedding season we've had so far!  Well - actually wedding season may be in full force but our involvement in it is over - our only two weddings for the summer of 2010 have come and gone.  My brother, Severin married his bride, Colleen, on May 15th.  And our good Denver friends, Zane & Sarah were married on June 5th.

Severin and Colleen were married at Brookside Gardens, a Hanou family favorite from our years living in Maryland!  They had beautiful weather and exceptionally beautiful flowers surrounding them.  Colleen's twin brother Brian was their officiant, however I believe Colleen wrote most of their ceremony!  Both Sev & Colleen wrote their own vows, it was beautiful.  The Hanou family and the Shane family fit quite well together and we had a great time (Colleen's one of four kids too - 2 boys 2 girls).   The newest Hanou couple honeymooned in the Grand Caymans and just celebrated their one month anniversary in their usual style - with her on business in Azerbaijan :(  Hopefully she'll be in town for the important 1 year anniversary!  (Or out of town with Severin!!!)

It was really good for Mike & I to get out of town and see some family and friends. 

Then 3 short weeks later we were travelling again! This time we took a roadtrip south to Santa Fe, New Mexico for Zane and Sarah's wedding, well 2nd wedding technically!  They were married at the Denver J.P. a few days prior.  But as you can see from the pictures below, the Santa Fe wedding was less "legal" but much prettier! 

It was a cowboy theme wedding, as you can tell.  Inzo needs a little more time to grow into Uncle Mike's cowboy hat - but it sure does provide good shade in the meantime!  Zane and Sarah also wrote their own vows and Sarah's friend Jody wrote the nicest ceremony - quoting many books and movies about marriage and adding a bit of her own humor as well! 
So with our summer weddings over, our future holds many camping opportunities for Mike and I.  Our one year anniversary is coming up and I can't think of anywhere I'd rather spend it than in the Colorado mountains with my honey and our dogs!