Saturday, February 28, 2015

Building A Great Foundation!

Daddy gets an A+ for his first school project.  Lillian's class is studying "Buildings" this month, so of course they asked Mike if he would be willing to make a special presentation.  Mike stopped by the Home Depot and picked up miniature tape measurers, pencils, aprons and leftover kits from the weekend Toddler Building classes that the Home Depot offers. 
The kids loved it!  He brought in some old drawings that he gave to Lillian's teacher - and Miss Patty hung them up so all the kids could review the building plans and learn.  Then the teachers and kids made Mike a BIG thank you card that Lillian brought home.

 Daddy helped the kids assemble their wood making kits.  Lillian got an ambulance and she brought home a wooden boat for Jak - which he tested right away in the bathtub last night! 

Is Spring really, "Just around the corner"?

A little before school fun in the snow.
 Fun shopping at Old Navy with Aunt Casey and Keira.

 SAM's club is a whole lot of fun too!

 And the indoor playground at APEX brings a lot of winter boredom relief as well!
 Our first family board game.  It became the "bored" game after the second go-round for Mike and I.
 Lillian focuses hard on her beginner boggle game. She sure is a word wiz...

 This ol' backyard sledding hill that Mike builds off the deck is so much fun.  
It won't be long til they're too big and adventurous for it though.

 And Grammy Hanou is still so smart.  The hope chest filled with costumes is a hit time and time again.

Yes, Jak is sporting an astronaut costume, Frankenstien mask with a princess wand and shoes. Truly, a modern day monster. 
Sending Fiona a High - Five!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Happy Birthday Sophia!

Sophia's 4th birthday party introduced the Colorado Kerschen's to a whole new realm of fun....trampoline parks!  Lillian and Jak were both invited - and couldn't have had a better time. Thank god they had as much fun as they did, because the party was after work - in a blizzard and I wasn't in the mood at all!  But it turned out I had just as much fun as the kids.
 This picture is a little blurry - but you can still make out my smiley face!

Next time I bring the kids here - I need another adult for sure.  These two bouncers were in different rooms within the trampoline center at all times it seemed.  I was a nervous mess (and I"m not a worry wart!). 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo's

The Train Museum in Golden was a great weekend excursion for the Colorado Kerschens. Jak is two and a half and could not be more into trains, cars, balls and dinosaurs right now. He may wear an occasional princess dress - but he is ALL BOY! Jak has been making major progress with his potty training this last week (of course we've been working on it for 4 months now!). But this week he's really turned a corner. He even wakes me up at night to go potty occasionally. So Mike and I wanted to offer Jak a little motivation. As a reward for having no accidents at school on for a whole week, we went to the train museum!
Some light gift store shopping before enterintg the museum.  Surprise, surprise, he wanted one of everything!
 Waving to the conductor.

 Riding the locomotive!

I think the toy train, in the basement of the museum, was Jaks favorite part.  Lillian loved coloring pictures of trains.  Both of which we can do at home....somehow, it's just more fun at the museum!

So Much Love

Lillian and Marek sported their 2015 matching outfits to school today:



Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happy Birthday Marek!

One of Lillian's Best Buddies from school, Marek just turned four.  Because daycare is divided up by age, all of Lillian's friends will be turning 4 in the next couple of months.  We have entered the birthday party season!  Marek's mom out-did herself, hiring two real princesses to come sing and distribute "wish" tattoos on each little girls hand.  When the glitter falls off, your wish will come true you know.  It's a good thing Lillian owns 6 princess dresses, but that made it very hard to choose which one to wear.  I packed a couple back-up dresses in my bag in case we needed to switch mid-party.  Looks like the Elsa dress was a good choice, I'd hate for her to be different!