Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mike's Girls Are Happy & Healthy!

YUP!  We found out today that we have a healthy, beautuful baby girl growing inside me!  Already, Mike refers to me as "his girls", saying things like "How are my girls?" and texting me that he loves his girls so much.  It's so sweet to hear!
Baby Girl Kerschen really is such a joy to watch!  Our favorite ultrasound tech is back from her own maternity leave and she gave us a video of the ultrasound to take home.  I was so grateful and couldn't wait to get home to watch it.  Then, I uploaded it and realized it's 25 minutes long!  She's not THAT exciting! And because the video is so long I'm unable to post it to the blog.  Hmmph.  Dad suggested posting it via You Tube....I'll work on that I'm not technologically that gifted :)
Love and Hugs to all of you.....It's going to be a wonderful Christmas this year!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Mike & I are so blessed to have family that loves to visit us and have us visit them.  I'm 17 weeks pregnant and I've seen my parents 4 times THIS pregnancy! Yes.....they still live in Indiana!  They were out in Colorado visiting us in September before their trip to Vancouver, again in November for my Great Aunt Case's funeral, they met us in Michigan for Thanksgiving and we just celebrated an early Hanou Family Christmas last weekend!  We also hosted, Mike's mom for a week in October and got to see her at Thanksgiving in Michigan!  I hope we can keep this up when the baby comes!

All these family gatherings did allow us to update our family photos!  Here is an all Kerschen photo at Cathy's house before Thanksgiving dinner...
And an all Hanou family photo taken last weekend in our backyard.....

(Notice Droste and Oliver wrestling in the right corner?  Hilarious!)

Here is a great picture of Holden giving Grandpa (her great-grandpa) his 2011 Family Calendar.  Kim assembled a calendar for him with pictures of all his grandkids, grandkids-in-law and great grandkids.  Our birthdays and anniversaries are marked with our photos to help him keep all the dates straight, our family sure has grown!

And for those of you who were trying to see how big my belly is getting....here is a much bigger side profile for you.....
Check back next week....Mike and I will find out if we're adding a little girl or boy to our big family this coming Monday!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

I borrowed these pictures from my sister-in-law Kim's blog because I love them and had to share them with you!  Holden looks so grown up in this picture! 
This picture is an exact replica of some pictures we have of us 4 kids with my dad 25 - 30 years ago.  Of course, in those pictures my dad has a kid sitting on each foot too (and a LOT less gray hair).
My parents were out last weekend for my great-aunt Case's funeral.  Bert & Case have lived in Colorado for 50 plus years.  They were married 58 wonderful years.  Her death was sudden, she had suffered with a very sore hip for 6 months, when she finally went to the hospital they discovered a 10 cm tumor in her hip.  Her cancer was stage 4 and all over her body.  She lived two weeks on hospice, said her goodbyes and helped plan her own funeral.  It was great to see some extended family and really great to learn so much about my aunts historical life. 
Mike & I are headed to Indiana/Michigan Wednesday.  Can't wait to see the family especially all our nieces and our nephew Johnny.  Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!  Mike and I are truly blessed and we hope you have lots to be thankful for this year too! .

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Here it is.....

My First Belly Pic.....
12 Weeks
I know most newly pregnant women try to push their belly out to emphasize their bump, but look at my face, doesn't it look like I'm trying to suck it in?  Well, there's no sucking that in! After a very positive ultrasound and doctors appointment on Monday, I felt confident enough to announce our new arrival to work yesterday.  I wore this shirt which emphasizes the bump and taped a clipart picture of a baby to my belly.  Several residents caught on right away, some said they thought so but didn't want to ask and others just asked me for more coffee!  Already yesterday, I had two women tell me not to take the stairs, one told me to slow down when I was walking and the best "advice" I got yesterday was from a lady who truly believes I shouldn't drive a car.  She seriously suggested Mike take me to and from work.  With advice like this from so many helpful "grandmas" the next 28 weeks are going to be really fun! 

Our next ultrasound is Monday, December 13th - that's when we'll find out what we're having!  In the meantime, we encourage you to vote in our baby poll at the top left hand side of our blog.  So far the majority is predicting another boy.  A little boy would cut down on our shopping since we already were preparing for two....but I sure would love a little girl.

On a side note.....I have to mention this was my most successful summer of gardening ever!  Or should I say fall???  I took this picture Monday...
Every September since Casey and I planted my first garden 7 years ago, I have spent one cold night in September, with a headlamp on, trying to save my veggies before the 1st frost got them.  Well, believe it or not Denver hasn't had a frost yet this year.  (Now that I said that, we'll be expecting a blizzard next week!)  I was prepared to go out on Sunday afternoon and cut everything down, but Mike encouraged me to wait till Monday, so I could say "Look what I picked from my garden on November 1st!"

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Big City Big Fun! New York with the girls....

When Jen was out in Colorado this summer she casually mentioned how great it would be if I could come back east for Erica's Baby shower in October.  I was looking for an excuse to see the University of Delaware Girls and this was my opportunity to see most of them at one time!  Friday night Deb picked me up in the city and we drove out to Long Island to see Erica - ALL of Erica!  As you can see below little Madelyn Elsie Geldmacher (Maddie Moo as Erica and Joe have nicknamed her) is nearly ready to make her worldly appearance.  Erica is due right before Thanksgiving.
Deb couldn't make it to Erica's shower, but Marisa, Jen and Jen's kids Melanie & Thomas drove up. 

I have NEVER seen a baby shower quite like this!  70 plus woman in attendance!  I know what you're all thinking....did the gift opening take hours????  But the answer is no.....these women had quite the gift opening system.  It was an assembly line of sorts....or is it an un-assembly line?  She had all sorts of helpers opening gifts, deciphering and recording what each gift was and sorting out trash.  It was so efficient and seamless.  One of Erica's favorite gifts were 3 little Al Gore onsies Jen ordered.  I noticed Erica updated her facebook profile to be this picture...

Jens kids are adorable, well behaved and the most technologically gifted kids I've ever met!  Seriously, they played what I would consider bigger kid level games on her iPad.  Remember the game Memory from when we were kids?  When we played it was a deck of cards face down on the floor and you had to turn over a card and find its match on your next turn to make a pair.  We wasted so much time just setting the game up and then shuffling to play it again.  Not Thomas, this 2 year old just touched the screen and made his matches.  It was so nice to finally meet Melanie and Thomas!

It was a very quick weekend - and not at all like the weekends we used to spend together!  We spent Saturday night in a hotel room with Jen's kids sleeping next door.  Jen and Marisa enjoyed a couple bottles of wine while Erica and I devoured room service and we all watched Sex & the City 2 on demand.  It was so great to catch up face to face.  We're hoping we'll have another chance to get together at a wedding next spring or summer! Keep us posted Deb and Marisa.....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Michigan Mom Visits!

Mary Kay flew in Wednesday for a fall visit.  We discovered the last 4 times she has been in Colorado she has shared our attention with other family members.  Last year she was here for the food taste testing, bridal shower, wedding (where she shared us with 143 of you!) and most recently, she was here Father's Day weekend with my parents and Cathy, Johnny & Layla.  So...it was nice to have her to ourselves! 
I was able to take a couple days off from work which, combined with my 3 day weekend turned out to be a nice 5 day break (yay!).  Mostly we've done a whole lot of relaxing!  But as promised we took Mary Kay in our camper for a nice fall get-a-way to our favorite spot....Meadow Creek Reservoir.  Just for fun, mom wheeled her LARGE suitcase out to the kitchen and asked Mike to load it in the camper for her.  His eyes were wide but he agreed and went to lug the thing outside, until he heard us snickering!  Seriously, she did very well "travelling light" and I think felt quite comfortable in our redneck paradise. 

We took a few a short hikes, spent some time reading and eating in the sun and huddled around the campfire at night.  We had our first indoor dinner of the year because the wind picked up after dark and we all agreed it would be much more enjoyable inside.  But at least we got lunch outside!  Mike caught a few cutthroat trout and we cooked them up with our eggs in the morning....yum!  We didn't spot a moose this weekend.....bummer.  But we did catch some golden yellow aspens changing color.

So.....tomorrow is our first ultrasound (for those of you who didn't know we are pregnant again....SURPRISE!!!).  We'll let you know if this is what we see....
It's a twin cucumber that grew in my garden this summer!  Is it a sign???  We'll let you know!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Long Overdue Post

I am the world's worst blogger!  I assure you it's because Mike and I are too busy living life to blog about it!  While camping season has come to a close for most, we're looking forward to the fall and having the mountains to ourselves :)  There's nothing better than waking up to a blanket of snow.  We take our coffee (and my tea!) with us for our morning hike and my lungs feel so alive and fresh!  Mike's mom, Mary Kay is coming out to see us this week and we're taking her camping over the weekend.  We're going to Meadow Creek Reservoir (past Winter Park), it' one of our favorite spots and its the best place for moose viewing!  We've had a such a good moose viewing season this summer and we're hoping to share our good luck with Mary Kay.  I'll post pics of her visit and the beautiful fall colors next week! 
But for now, I want to recap on a few events: 

Mary's Visit!
Our friend Mary came to see us from Austin.  In between jobs, Mary had some time off this summer so she and her adorable boxer Klio took a road trip out to see us.  Most of you remember Mary from our wedding.  She knew the fewest amount of people at the wedding, yet she won everyone over.  She's always up for a good time and Mike and I were so excited to have her come out. 

 Mike enjoyed lots of time fishing this summer.  We even took trout home for dinner a couple of times.  I love watchng him put on his waiters, fishing is very serious business, a few times he woke up early to fish and let me sleep in - till 7 AM!

Our puppies! 
No we didn't get a 3rd dog!  That adorable pup is Oliver, Casey & Robs dog.  He may be small but he works hard to keep up with the big dogs!  We've noticed quite a change in Hope this summer, while she still loves to get out-n-about we don't take her on our long hikes anymore.  At home she's having a lot of trouble getting comfortable,we listen to her "flop" on the hardwood floors all night. And sometimes, getting up is really hard for her :( She is 11 and a 1/2 now so I guess it's to be expected. 
 And now for our Moose......

Look closely, that's a moose between me and Casey's heads!  We were hiking at Meadow Creek Reservoir, and Casey commented she'd never seen a moose.  I knew just how she felt because that was my chief complaint last summer if you remember!  So I promised her we'd see one and sure enough we rounded a corner and there was a BIG moose right on the trail.  This picture is a little better:
So, like I said I'll bore you with some more pictures of our beautiful state next weekend! 

Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Guests

It's been a summer of visitors so far and we have more to come!  Father's Day weekend (I know I'm slow on the updates!!!!), Anyway, Father's day weekend we had my mom and dad, Mike's mom and sister Cathy and her two adorable kids visiting!  Add that to my sister Casey, brother-in-law Rob, brother Ian, sister-in-law Kim and their two adorable kids who all live here in Denver and we had a very busy 5 days together! 
Between backyard bbq's, a neighborhood street fair, walks around the lake, and City Park Jazz, we tried our best to wear the kids out!  Cathy, Mary Kay and the kids stayed with Mike & I and helped put our nursery to use!  Mom and Dad stayed with Holden and Everett while Ian and Kim enjoyed a little alone time in the mountains for Kim's friend Jess's wedding.  It was awesome - I just love taking a vacation and staying in Denver! 

Holden is so helpful now that she's 3!  She was very excited when her daddy came home and she could introduce him to her new friends Johnny & Layla!  She also tried to introduce her Uncle Mike to his niece and nephew  - we're working on explaining the family tree to her...

This past weekend we had a more adult visit with my college roommate and very good friend Jen!  Jen has two youngsters at home too and really deserved a weekend away!  It was a quick trip - it's hard to leave her adorable kids behind for too long - I understand!  We showed Jen a little "Colorado" while she was out here!  We took her camping Friday night to Jefferson Lake area.  We had 11 campers and 6 dogs with us to celebrate Jen's visit and Casey's 29th birthday!  (Yes, Casey really is only 29 - all weekend people couldn't believe she wasn't 30 yet - I think that's a sign all our friends are getting older!) 
It was so great to have Jen here!  The past few times we've been lucky enough to get together we've had so many other friends and family around us - it was wonderful to have her to myself and even better to show off my everyday life to her.  We've been friends for 15 years now - and live very different lives, yet she's still one of the dearest people to my heart.  I appreciate her visit so much! 

Mike and I have enjoyed several trips to the hills this summer.  We spent the 4th of July in one of our favorite mountain towns, Salida, CO.  We've been hiking, resting in our hammocks and taking a break from the city heat and busy work lives we both have down in Denver.  We haven't been fishing once this summer but that's about to change.  We're heading to Meadow Creek Reservoir next weekend - it was the 1st camping trip we ever took together when we were dating and always makes us happy to return there.  So many good memories in our camper that Mike calls our "Red Neck Paradise"...

Thursday, June 17, 2010


What a great wedding season we've had so far!  Well - actually wedding season may be in full force but our involvement in it is over - our only two weddings for the summer of 2010 have come and gone.  My brother, Severin married his bride, Colleen, on May 15th.  And our good Denver friends, Zane & Sarah were married on June 5th.

Severin and Colleen were married at Brookside Gardens, a Hanou family favorite from our years living in Maryland!  They had beautiful weather and exceptionally beautiful flowers surrounding them.  Colleen's twin brother Brian was their officiant, however I believe Colleen wrote most of their ceremony!  Both Sev & Colleen wrote their own vows, it was beautiful.  The Hanou family and the Shane family fit quite well together and we had a great time (Colleen's one of four kids too - 2 boys 2 girls).   The newest Hanou couple honeymooned in the Grand Caymans and just celebrated their one month anniversary in their usual style - with her on business in Azerbaijan :(  Hopefully she'll be in town for the important 1 year anniversary!  (Or out of town with Severin!!!)

It was really good for Mike & I to get out of town and see some family and friends. 

Then 3 short weeks later we were travelling again! This time we took a roadtrip south to Santa Fe, New Mexico for Zane and Sarah's wedding, well 2nd wedding technically!  They were married at the Denver J.P. a few days prior.  But as you can see from the pictures below, the Santa Fe wedding was less "legal" but much prettier! 

It was a cowboy theme wedding, as you can tell.  Inzo needs a little more time to grow into Uncle Mike's cowboy hat - but it sure does provide good shade in the meantime!  Zane and Sarah also wrote their own vows and Sarah's friend Jody wrote the nicest ceremony - quoting many books and movies about marriage and adding a bit of her own humor as well! 
So with our summer weddings over, our future holds many camping opportunities for Mike and I.  Our one year anniversary is coming up and I can't think of anywhere I'd rather spend it than in the Colorado mountains with my honey and our dogs! 

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Turning the page, trying to cope with our loss

We have known now for 10 weeks that the twins had a very serious weight distribution problem.  Despite our best attempts; seeing multiple specialists, trying various vitamins, diet additives, rest, water therapy and more, our boys lost their fight last week.  When Mike and I went in for our 26 week check last week, the sonographer was unable to find heart beats in either baby.  She gently explained this to us, left us alone and came back with the doctor and she reaffirmed they were in fact gone, it appeared to have just happened, I couldn't have felt it, let alone done anything to prevent it.   We were then ushered across the hall to a private room that became my fortress for the next 3 and 1/2 days straight. 
My body was certainly not ready to give up those boys.  Presbyterian/St. Luke's hospital staff were so kind to us, helped connect us with the resources available to us and most importantly, helped my body deliver the boys in the safest, most comfortable way possible.  It took 63 hours for my uterus to let go but believe me your prayers were heard because I felt no pain.
I know it seems unimaginable but the last few days have brought Mike and I closer than ever.  At the wee hours of the morning before the babies arrived, I have never been so scared.  I woke Mike to tell him it was time and he held my hand and stared into my eyes through the whole hour and a half of active labor.  We
took ourselves back to happier times, relived our favorite hikes, highlights of our honeymoon canoeing and horseback riding.  We walked each other through mental images of glaciers and wildlife.  I reminded Mike he promised me 60 years when he proposed to me (because that's how long his grandmother wore my wedding and engagement rings from his grandfather, he promised me we'd have 60 good years too).  We swore this would be the worst moment of our lives and that we would come out of this stronger than ever.   I will never forget when I felt the boys come into this world, the feeling of peace and comfort we felt knowing that my body performed so well.  It was the first glimpse of the healing we will someday achieve. 
At some point over the weekend, I found myself alone for a couple of hours.  Restless as always, I got out of my hospital bed and curled up in the windowsill.  Looking out over Longs Peak, I couldn't help but laugh out loud.  I knew what we had to name the boys.  Mike & I agreed, naming the boys some of the names we loved before their death didn't feel right to us.  We needed to name them something special.  Those of you who were at our wedding (or any other wedding or any bar in Denver for that matter!) know Mike and I kind of like to dance and we especially love to dance to "old school" country music.  We named the boys Willie and Waylon after Willie Nelson and Waylon Jennings.  It fits us to a T.  We will never listen to "Lukinback, Texas" and not smile and think of "Willie, Waylon and our boys".  We're having Willie and Waylon cremated and we'll bring them up to the mountains this summer to a special spot and release them. 
On a side note I want to mention an incredible organization called "Now I lay me down to sleep".  It consists of photographers from the Denver area who volunteer free of charge to take tasteful images of stillborn babies.  This incredible woman got dressed in the middle of the night to come down to the hospital and photograph our boys so we will have that keepsake.  Mike and I have decided to donate YOUR $300 to this organization.  This is the money my dad collected from all of our $10 bets when we were so hopeful and optimistic about the "twinsational news" (as my dad called it!).  We feel that's the best use for the money...
Now a few words from Mike:
So.......Courtney said most of what we wanted to say. I just have a few things to add.  First and foremost, my wife was/is amazing and continues to inspire me. We have a lot of grieving yet to do, but without her love and support I don't know if I would have the strength to face it honestly and openly. Secondly, thank you to all who called, and prayed, and thought about us. Your love and kindness is felt and appreciated. A special thanks to Casey. There were moments when I really needed to "check-out" and she was always there to be with Courtney. We both feel very lucky to have such great friends and family on our side.
As Courtney mentioned, it was 63 hours of hospital time before the boys came out. While it was probably the most tragic and trying moment of our lives, it was also amazing. In a strange way it was beautiful and deeply bonding for us and we will be forever affected by the experience. I chose to believe that the boys waited so long to come out so they could be with their mother, if only for a few minutes, on Mothers Day. Hopefully, someday, Courtney will be remember those boys and those moments fondly each Mother's Day.
We are under no illusions that the next several months are going to be difficult, but don't pity us. Our love is strong, our lives are good, and our outlook of the future is bright. The Colorado Kerschens come out of this stronger and better than ever.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"Holy" Weekend! What a good time!

Mike and I finally met the newest member of the Kerschen family last weekend!  Our new nephew Johnny has been in our hearts and on our minds for well over a year now.  Cathy began this Haitian adoption process a year and a half ago, all the while knowing it was a long drawn out process, much of which was well out of her hands.  She has been "promised" to Johnny for quite some time and even took a trip to Haiti last fall to meet him.  This January when tragedy hit Haiti and the earthquake destroyed an already damaged country, the Haitian government finally agreed to speed up any and all adoptions already in the process.  Cathy endured a very painful 10-12 days watching the tragedy unfold on television and waiting to find out if she could finally bring Johnny home.   Finally, she got word that Johnny and many other orphans were being released.  Mom Kerschen and Cathy met up in Florida and spent the night (yes, the whole night!) awake, in the airport waiting for the children to be paired up with their adoptive parents. 
Johnny turned 2 in February.  He and his sister Layla have adjusted amazingly well to each other and their new life with Cathy.  Cathy is one of the busiest people I know and she seems to be handling it VERY well! We are so very glad to be Johnny's god-parents and even though he is surrounded and loved by his Michigan family, we know when he gets older he'll love visiting his Colorado family too! 

Here's Johnny with his Godfathers (Uncle Mike & Uncle John)

Uncle Mike practicing holding 2! 
Layla (who will be 1 year old next week) and Johnny

We're calling our Michigan trip a "Holy weekend" because not only did we have a baptism, but we had our niece Amanda's confirmation too.  It was great!  The pastor asked all family members and the confirmation sponsor to come up to the altar and lay thier hands on the candidate.  Most of the kids had 3-5 family members apporach the altar.  But in classic Kerschen style, we over-represented, 14 of us were there to support Amanda's rite of passage!   If that wasn't embarassing enough to a 12 year old soon to be teenager, her cousin Johnny adores her and couldn't understand why she had to go back on the altar and he couldn't go with her.  So after an hour long car ride and an hour long mass program, he finally had a typical two-year-old tantrum.  I'd say it was long overdue! 

As usual, we had a very busy but awesome visit back in Michigan (our 3rd trip in a year!).  Unfortunately, I was VERY sick while we were visiting.  I have perhaps the worst cold in my adult life right now.  I told Mike I don't even like being around mself right now!  I have been sick for two whole weeks now and I'm finally starting to feel better.  As if I didn't have enough on my plate!  I've been coughing so much I've bruised my ribs...ugghh.  Mike went to a natural grocery store last night and bought me some cough lozenges, throat sprays, lemon tea, honey and my personal favorite a lavendar plant and get well card.  The lavendar plant is supposed to help you sleep (and will look fantastic in my yard if I ever get to garden again!).   I'm not usually one to believe in herbal medicines but I did sleep better with it by my bed last night.  Could it be the lavendar's healing powers or the love of my very sweet husband?  I'm not sure but I hope it helps again tonight! 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Living week to week...

Let me begin by apologizing for being one of the worst bloggers on the planet!  When I began this blog idea, I was newly pregnant and naive.  I assumed it would be the most magical, wonderful experience of my life.  Don't get me wrong it is!  But Mike and I have learned over the past 8 weeks that pregnancy can be anxiety ridden and having twins makes it even more so!  As you know, we've been seeing a specialist (ok a few specialists!) for the past few weeks.  Baby A is much smaller and seems to have "absent diastolic pressure", meaning he has poor blood flow where his cord attaches to his belly button.  The overall consensus is, as long as both babies have full stomachs and full bladders, as long as we see growth, any growth every 2 weeks when they take measurements and as long as both babies have good fluid volume in their sacs, we "buy ourselves another week". 

Today was my 25 week check-up.  My time flies!  When we began our specialist chronicles at 17 weeks I was praying just to make it to 28 weeks.  Is it greedy for me to be praying for 37 now!?!?  At some point in the next few visits there's a good chance I will be hospitalized.  Not for the much anticipated and dreaded reason of bedrest but so the doctors can run Doppler (blood pressure) screenings on Baby A a few times a day.  Should he show signs of distress or god-forbid his heart rate drop we'd have to deliver both babies.  But for now their best bet is to keep living in their cushy little home in my belly! 

Let's talk about my belly!  My is it getting big!  But not too big I'm glad to report.  I'm measuring 28 weeks (only 3 weeks ahead of most singleton pregnancies and most women carrying twins measure 4-6 weeks ahead).  I've gained 24 pounds now but according to my nurse practitioner that's on the low end of he scale so "eat up".  Easier said than done.  I'm so full of water, protein powder and babies that my stomach doesn't tell me I'm hungry....ever.  I just eat and eat! 

Now let's talk about my wonderful, hard-working husband.  Our kitchen remodel is more of a whole home remodel.  I should have known when I married a contractor no project would be small.  Between working all day and sometimes into the evening, going to the doctor once a week and worrying about the boys, we have very little time to commit to working on our house.  It will be so wonderful when it's finished but sometimes the mess gets to me.  The babies room is now complete and I love it!  Mike chose a jungle safari theme, inspired by his trip to Africa with his sister, Cathy,  a few years ago.  I had a good time shopping for ideas to match his theme and  the monkeys are my favorite! 

I have so much more to tell you!  I especially want to tell you about our trip to Michigan last weekend, but I'm too tired!  I promise to post more soon, especially pictures of our niece Layla who is almost a year now and our new nephew Johnny who is every bit as cute as his pictures!  But for now I must get some rest for these boys to get stronger!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Finally a word from the dad!

Courtney and I are still week to week with our doctor, but so far the boys are holding their own. Courtney has been spectacular at getting her protein, water and rest like the doctor suggested and it seems to be working. Twenty weeks yesterday. The official halfway point!  Unlikely we'll go all tthe way to forty, but it's a good milestone to hit.

As for the rest of our world...the Hanou clan just left and boy did we have a great weekend. Not only did Frank and Marsha come out, but this time we also had Pinky (grandpa), Severin and Colleen, and Uncle Tom and Sue!  The girls threw a bridal shower for our soon-to-be sister-in-law Colleen and us guys took Sev out for a night of crazy bachelor fun. On top of that we had a third birthday party for princess Holden and Frank and Marsha got to come and see their first "live" view of their grandsons via the ultrasound.
Thanks to Frank and Severin for helping me out on the kitchen remodel too. Courtney is feeling a lot better about this project now that we have a functioning kitchen again. There is still a lot to do like drywall finishing, trim and paint but all the new appliances and sink, etc. are working so at least it is getting close. With all the couch time Courtney is putting in, she is getting pretty good at knitting. There is at least one homemade/mom-made blanket for the boys in the near future.  We are both staying pretty busy at work too. With all this stuff on our plate it's a good thing we both love our jobs.

We're looking forward to a trip to Michigan to see our new nephew Johnny get baptized and a trip to D.C. for Severin and Colleen's wedding. Other than that we are getting pretty good at being home bodies. It's fun hanging near home and getting ready for the boys.

Take a look at the picture below! There is no denying she's pregnant now!  Beautiful!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Boys, Go apologize to your Mother"

This is the phrase I hear my husband practicing daily!  Yes, I will soon be way out numbered in my house.  We're having boys!  Could that explain the red meat cravings?  I'm growing quite nicely as you can see from the picture below.  And Baby B is growing perfectly as well.  Unfortunatley, Baby A is about a week and a half behind in growth.  So, Mike & I have now been referred to a specialist :( 
Most twins are born with varying weights and sizes, I've heard that they usually balance out within months of life outside of, well outside of me!  However, at 17 weeks it's a little early for them to be such different sizes.  We now have weekly ultrasounds to make sure the weight and length difference don't continue to go in opposite directions.  And I've been asked to restrict my physical activity (ugggh!), lay down whenever possilbe (double ugggh), drink at least a gallon of fluid a day (you know what that means...more time in the bathroom!) and increase my protein to 150 grams a day.  It's been a tough week for Mike and I.  I think he's having more trouble with it than me because he feels so helpless.  My kick- #@$% sister, Casey came over the next day with a protein additive that is flavorless.  I mix it in my food and condiments all day!  Mike & Zane went to GNC and got me some mega-body builder protein shakes that I now drink 2-3 times a day.  I feel like I haven't had a meal for enjoyment all week!  I'm so full of liquids that the protein supplements really are necessary, there is no way I could eat 150 grams of protein without them (I do have two babies in there!!!).  My sister-in-law Kim and several awesome girlfriends are cooking for me. They say it's mostly because Mike completely gutted our kitchen just 4 days before we found out about my new restrictions - but it's also because they're worried and want to help in any way.  I keep reminding everyone that there is no reason to think something is genetically wrong, both babies have all their parts (and we've seen them ALL!) and both babies have equal amounts of fluids in their sacks.  Our next appointment is Tuesday afternoon, hopefully their fluid is the same and Baby A has done some catching up!  We will keep you posted!