Thursday, June 30, 2016

An Evening Close to Home

Sometimes the thing you set out to do doesn't work out and you end up having a really good time.  That is precisely what happened to us last night.  We left to go hear a concert in McIlvory Park in Olde Town Arvada.  When we arrived, there was hardly anyone at the park.  Finally, after 10 minutes of letting the kids play on the playground, I asked someone "what happened to the concert"?  They were afraid it was going to rain, so they moved the concert indoors.  We drove up to the Arvada Center to see if we could find the music.  We never did find where they moved the concert too, but we sure had fun exploring! 

 Jak fell outside of the Arvada Center, a nice man listening to a lecture inside offered the kids a donut to help "ease" Jaks pain and it worked!
 There was a cute little museum inside explaining the history of Arvada.  The kids loved the felt story board.  We listened in on a few ballet practices and finally discovered this cool dragon outside. During the day, the dragon has misters that keep the kids cool.  We were there after-hours but they loved it none the less.  Overall - good time!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Check Another One off the Bucket List

Our first Rockies game of the season!
I have no idea if the Rockies won, but who cares, the kids had cotton candy, dippin' dots and loads of fun.  That's what matters most.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

And They Said It Wouldn't Last...

Mike likes to say that phrase to me on the morning of our anniversary every year. 
We are celebrating 7 wonderful years today and to commemorate, Mike purchased outdoor patio furniture for our new deck he's building.  Not only is the deck gorgeous but now we have really nice furniture to sit on and enjoy it.  I'm so impressed with his taste - I love the new outdoor living room he's creating!

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Cheering For Our Cousins

Uncle Ian invited us to watch Holden & Everett's swim meet this weekend and it was SO fun!
Lillian loved watching Holden and Everett swim.  Jak did as well, but watching her big cousins race really helped Lillian figure out just what "swimming" is all about.  She and Jak have been taking private swim lessons this summer .  The rate at which they are both learning to swim has really amazed Mike and I - the lessons have been well worth the money!
 Here are a few pictures of Emma (one of the life guards) coaching the kids:

 Mike bought the kids flippers - they're a little too big for Jak this year, but they've really helped Lillian learn how to control her kicks.  These kids are ready for our summer Michigan trip - bring on the pools, boating trips and lakes!

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Keeping Our Minds Sharp this Summer

After such an enjoyable and educational experience at the Majestic View Nature Center learning about Butterflies, we thought we'd try out Family night at the Nature & Science Museum.  We had a great time exploring different areas of the museum.  This may have been the first time we've been to the museum where we DID NOT visit the Discovery Zone! 

As soon as we walked in to the museum, we were greeted by a walking, moving dinosaur skeleton that gobbled Lillian right up.  Jak was seriously terrified of the thing!  He hid behind my leg for quite a while and squealed with concern that it was going to eat his sister!
 He was much happier decorating and flying paper airplanes.  It turns out, his Daddy is quite the paper airplane folder.  I love how Lillian is admirably looking up to her daddy in this picture. 

 We learned about various animals who fly and how they are able to soar vs fly.  The kids enjoyed acting out the parts - and they especially loved it when paper confetti fell from the sky.  Everything is more enjoyable when you get to act like a fool, right? 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Lovin' Their Daddy

Mike bought the kids and himself matching hats at Sportsman's warehouse to start our Father's Day Camping weekend off on the right foot.  We camped one night on our own, and met up with the Crowley's for a second night of partying in the woods!

We did a little fishing, played some cards (Go Fish of course), and escaped for the weekend.  I love the expression on Lillian's face in this picture.  The boys were goofing off and she clearly wanted to play a more serious game of cards!
We broke out the hammocks.

 And acted silly whenever possible!
 This is one happy daddy who gets constant snuggles from both our kids these days.  It is so nice to escape the city and catch up on quality family time.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Majestic View Nature Center

This beautiful nature center is so close to home!  How have we not heard more about it? 
Mike and I took the kids (and a picnic dinner) to hear a presentation on Butterflies yesterday and learned the differences between butterflies and moths.  The kids got to dress up like the little critters, and act out the life stages of a butterfly.  And they were able to enjoy ginormous marshmallows on the campfire following the presentation.  We all learned so much.  We will return for the next campfire series in September!


Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sharpening Our Little Minds

With the kids home for the summer, I'm trying to keep the "cobwebs out of the attic". 
Grammy sent them a few school work sheets to do.  I downloaded a ton of great puzzles, bought a couple workbooks from Costco, and made a few clever games such as Alphabet Bingo, Count your Snack Charts, Matching Letters and a Pattern Game with M & M's.  Last night, Jak was drawing on the new etch-a-sketch board Grandpa Kerschen sent and says, look mom, I drew a "P".  Mike and I nod our heads No and simultaneously say. "That's a D buddy."  Immediately, Jak flips the board upside down and says, "Now it's a "P".  We all had a good laugh at his quick response!  Not bad for a 3 year old!

We're Not Going to Let these Months Slip-on-by!

I borrowed the idea of making a Summer Bucket List from my sister-in-law Kim (and a few other "Facebook" friends).   Every summer, I make a list at work of resident outings that you just can't do come September.  For my "old people" this includes;  picnics, trips to my neighborhood pool, Tiny Town, riding the Light Rail, etc.   This summer, Mike, the kids and I put together a list for the Kerschen household as well! 
As you can see we've already begun checking a few things off.  I'll try and remember to post an update around Labor Day!