Thursday, August 18, 2016

There Goes the Neighborhood

Our next door neighbors are moving and we are so BUMMED!  We love the Cabrals and have really gotten used to Ava and Angelo coming and going without knocking.  Nothing makes me happier than kids who feel right at home in our house. But the upside of them moving is, they gave us a fun, new toy!  Free Jeep - $75 battery.  Well worth the $$$ for all the neighborhood fun we're contributing too.
 Emma, Lillian and Liv - all 5 years old this year and all 3 starting different kindergartens in a week.
 Jack and Jak - in the green John Deere tractor that is no longer battery operated.
Emma's turn!  Rachel tried to drive, but 11 years olds just don't fit behind this wheel. 
 The boys convinced Rachel to give them a ride.
Liv's turn!  Watch out neighbors, the block just got a little dangerous.

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