Monday, November 24, 2014

Frozen Comes to The Cherry Creek Mall

 The Cherry Creek Mall in Denver is known for having a real live snow globe every Christmas Season to attract visitors - this year the snow globe was themed after the movie "Frozen".  Casey and I figured we better beat the Holiday crowds and enjoy this attraction early in the season!
 I think we made one little girl extremely happy!

We were right, the Snow Globe Santa exhibit wasn't too crowded this time of year.  But the kids play area in the mall was an absolute zoo! The crowds didn't bother these three:

I told Casey after - "I'm so glad we took the kids to see that - But I'm so glad it's over!"  Mall shopping is not for me!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I'm going to be late boss....

 First snowfall of the season = playtime for the Kerschens before work & school.  Who cares that it's -6...the cold never bothered us anyway!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Zoo Trip and Football Viewing with the Bergners

 We met Mia, Zoe and Megi at the zoo today for the last nice fall day.  The weather is supposed to turn drastically tomorrow!
 Lillian loves her new sparkly boots from Aunt Candy! Jak loves the elephant!
 We took a snack break to look at the elephants and bumped into Kara "Hughes" and Vivian.  Kara said "Oh my god, Jak is a mini-Mike!"  And I hear Vivian looks like a mini-Kara.

 There is a big gecko thing sunbathing on the log above, but Lillian has everyone laying on the ground to see if there are any fish in the pond.  There aren't - but that didn't stop them from looking for a solid 5-10 minutes!
 We watched the Bronco game with the Bergners that afternoon.  They sure do have the best toys!

Monday, November 3, 2014

A Couple of Ninja's Tried to Get Us!

Oh's just Johnny & Layla with the best ninja costumes I've ever seen!  Lillian was so glad Johnny and Layla came to visit for Halloween to "show her the ropes", but ultimately it was Jak that didn't want to quit trick or treating.  His little pumpkin was packed to the brim but he wouldn't let me hold it (let alone touch it!) and he was really upset when we called it quits!
 October brought so many visitors to the Colorado Kerschen bed and breakfast!  Mike and I loved showing off our new house and neighborhood and hosting all of our guests.  We joked that our guest room sheets were going to be worn out by the end of the month.  My parents came out for a weekend, then traveled south to Durango and Ouray for a couple of days before heading back to Denver to overlap with Mary Kay, Cathy, Johnny and Layla. 
 We merged families and cousins and took a nice hike and picnic lunch through White Ranch Open Space Park.

Casey and Rob hosted the whole crew for brunch at her house one morning and we enjoyed exploring the parks of Stapleton.

 Thank God the weather was so nice while they were here. We really enjoyed the visit and can't wait to get the cousins together again in Michigan for Thanksgiving.
 Our outlaws...Cowboy Jak and Lily Get Your Gun...

They had a hard time saying goodbye...glad it's only 4 weeks til we meet again...