Sunday, January 23, 2011

Finally pictures to go with last weeks post!

Thank goodness Cathy is a good mom armed with a camera!  She sent these along for us to post!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Mike!

Today is my honey's 40th birthday!  We just finished the nicest long weekend in Summit County with Mike's brother and sister (and our adorable nephew Johnny!).  It meant so much to Mike that they came out to celebrate with him.  Mike, John and Cathy got to ski Friday and Saturday and they really enjoyed being together, just siblings.  Meanwhile, Johnny and I shared some quality time!  Well, I thought it was quality time, he thought I was standing in the way of him being with mommy! 
Johnny got to try skiing too!  Kim and Ian let us borrow Holden's skis and they fit Johnny perfectly.  Except for being bright pink, they were perfect!  Friday morning we let him test them out at Copper Mountain.  He got to ride the magic carpet and did pretty well skiing down between Mike, John or Cathy's skis.  But we noticed, he let them hold him up and on some "runs" he didn't even have both legs on the ground!  So when we took him out Saturday morning again, Mike insisted we let him go on his own.  Uncle Mike stood at the top (the top of a very short hill!!!) and taught Johnny to bend his legs and keep his head up - Uncle John stood at the bottom ready to catch Johnny (or pick up the pieces!) and Mommy caught the whole thing on video!  He did great, made it down in one piece and immediately said "Again, Again!" 
I wish I had pictures to share with you - but I am the WORST picture taker!  I really have to work on this!  I have only four months until Baby Girl Kerschen arrives - I'll have the camera and flip video in my purse at all times then.  In the meantime, I would post more blogs if I had pictures to go with our stories.  I'm a slacker!  Last weekend it snowed 6 inches or so here in Denver and Mike and I walked over to the park and went cross country skiing.  It was so much fun!  I'm sure I looked slightly ridiculous with my ski jacket getting a bit snug but it was a great workout!  As soon as we arrived at the park, I was cursing myself for forgetting our camera! 
My 2nd trimester is awesome.  So different from the couch lying I was told to do during my 2nd trimester with the boys.  I feel awesome, I ride the exercise bike here at home everyday if I can find the time.  And Mike and I joined the Rec Center up the street (a Christmas gift from Dad Kerschen!!!).  We've been swimming and weight lifting a few nights a week.  It's so much fun! 
Aside from this surge in energy we've reached another huge milestone in our pregnancy!  I have been enjoying Baby girl fluttering inside me for 7 weeks now. Every week she gets stronger and stronger.  Her little knocks coming from inside are so comforting.  Last week, I told Mike I'm pretty sure her kicks are strong enough for him to feel.  Mike said, he wanted to wait until his birthday to feel her move, it is her gift to him.  So he waited!  I can't believe he was so patient.  She kicks after every meal, when I lye down, when I first wake up in the morning (and sometimes before I'm ready to wake up!!!) and lately I even feel her just moving around for no apparent reason!  So last Thursday morning, I told Mike that since his family was flying in that day - technically it was the start of his birthday weekend!  She was really active that morning and Mike agreed he'd waited long enough.  It took a couple of seconds, and little girl told him Happy Birthday 6 times!  What a sweetheart, she made her daddy's 40th really special!