Sunday, August 21, 2016

Packing a LOT in.....

The unofficial end of summer vacation is here.  Monday morning Jak starts at Little People Landing in Pre-K, Lillian starts Kindergarten at St. Anne's and Mike starts a new job.  His FIRST job.  The first time he's ever had to bring in a blank check to set up direct deposit (oh how I look forward to direct deposit instead of the usual headaches he endures chasing money down at the end of a job).  So, I took Monday off, because someone needs to be cool, calm and collected on Monday as we all start to figure out our new routine.  But in the meantime, we really enjoyed our last weekend before the chaos begins!
 Nature & Science Museum

 Growing up so fast
 Helping Mommy by vacuuming out all of the dead flies from the windowsills!
 Driving our Jeep to the made it there and back!

 2 Thumbs up for fishing on the pond.

 I can't imagine why we never catch any fish!

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