Monday, August 14, 2017

Red Rocks & Downtown

As usual, I love being a tourist in my home town.  Amanda and Karli couldn't have come at a better time.  With the kids starting school soon, I would have been tempted to hunker down and just enjoy being home together.  This has forced us to get out and about and make a few final memories to our memorable 2017 Summer! This morning we explored Red Rocks, hiked around a bit, explored the museum, had a picnic and inspired the girls to buy concert tickets to a show tomorrow night.  There really is no comparison to seeing a Red Rocks concert!

 After we left Morrison, I dropped the older girls off downtown so they could shop & explore.  The kids and I went home to rest for a few hours.  Then, we met the girls, Grammy & Opa and Daddy at Coors Field to watch a Rockies Game.  What a great day!

Sunday, August 13, 2017


We  cut our camping trip a little short and headed home after breakfast, because.....Amanda Moo and her friend Karli drove in from Michigan last night!  We left a key hidden for the girls and they let themselves in Saturday night when they arrived.  They slept in this morning, so by the time we re-entered cell phone range and called them they were just waking up, showering and heading out to breakfast.   We headed down to the pool to relax and enjoy the Colorado sunshine! To our surprise, the duck was still there - Lillian has named her "Quackers".  She seems quite at home at the pool, and who wouldn't?  She chows down on all the snacks and lunches spilled by neighborhood kids.

Best Camping Trip of 2017 (So Far!)

We love camping with friends, see the kids explore together is always an amazing experience for them and the adults!  But getting out of town - just the 4 of us - really is priceless!
We had a great weekend of exploring, meeting people, fishing, kayaking, playing games and eating yummy food.  Jak was so taken by all of the natural beauty at Green Mountain Reservoir he dropped his drawers and shook his little booty for the whole lake to see!  

Thursday, August 10, 2017

New Toys are Awesome

Thanks Grandma Kerschen for the Remote Control Robot!

Mighty Mites!

Today was the kids first Mighty Mites soccer class at the Apex Field House. They opened class by singing Happy Birthday to Jak. What fun!  I knew Jak would love it, since he enjoyed his Soccer Shots class, but I'm thrilled Apex kept it fun and challenging for Lillian too.  Check out the HUGE smile on the birthday boys face at the end of class.

This Duck is a Little Confused

Lillian had a playdate with Brenna at our pool today.  All of Jaks buddies are in camps or daycare for the summer, so despite the fact that today is his actual 5th birthday he didn't have a play companion.  But in true Jak fashion, it didn't bother him at all.  He is a live and let live kind of kid, just like his Daddy. And we had a great morning at the pool, especially when a duck wandered over from the pond and jumped in the pool with the kids!

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Lakeside Again!

We met Daddy at Lakeside for a final summer visit to the park, school starts back next week and our busy lifestyle will have to make a major adjustment! Jak appreciated this pre-birthday celebration and Lillian ran into a friend from St. Annes, Cece.  But the most shocking event of the evening was Lillian's new favorite ride.  She bravely got in to the turbo spinning, gravity defying vortex thingy....and loved it!  I stood there watching that ride spin and spin and climb higher and higher, thinking Lillian is going to come out in tears.  To our shock, she came out begging to get back in line and ride again!  And she continued to try new more dangerous rides all evening, but took the time to enjoy some milder rides with her brother too.  Lillian sure is coming out of her timid skin now that she's a big 6 year old!  I can't wait until next summer when Joseph is over 48 inches too.