Tuesday, January 30, 2018


What a trip!  John and Candy are in Steamboat for a whole week - and lucky us - they invited us to join them for as much as we could.  Unfortunately, school and work got in the way of us staying for too long.  But fortunately, that meant we could pick up Ashley and Rebecca from the airport and spend a little more time with them.
The kids have taken 2 ski lessons at Loveland and after skiing with us the last couple of days in Steamboat - their skill level has really advanced!  We are so excited and proud of them!

Friday, January 19, 2018


Mike had the day off today.  What a blessing - a 70 degree day in January and Mike got to relax and enjoy it.  We rode our bikes over to Weber elementary to pick up Jak and Mike carried the Strider bike for Jak to ride home.  After Lillian got home from school we decided to all take a bike ride together.  Mike asked Jak if he wanted to ride his big boy bike (which we ask him every time) and he finally shocked us and said yes.  Mike gave him a couple minutes of instruction and off we went! Joseph is finally riding a bike with pedals!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Wednesday, January 10, 2018


These kids really do love each other most of the time.  I witness moments like this daily.

Makes me want to let them watch more TV, well almost!  
I also snapped this quick pick of Joseph, Jack & Sam.  They're all growing so fast, I need to take pictures just to remember how small they were (and how goofy they were!) when they first began playing together.

Friday, January 5, 2018

Mid Air Adventure

I've been wanting to check this place out - so when Megy offered to take my kids as a thank you for watching hers yesterday, I said absolutely!  They were a little hesitant at first, but after one slide on the zip line, they were hooked!  What a fun, indoor, action packed place!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Stock Show Parade

The kids are still out of school this week for Winter Break.  Mia and Zoey spent the day with us, while their parents had to work, and I somehow thought it would be fun to attend the Stock Show Kick Off Parade.  I've always wanted to see them parade the prize animals right through Downtown Denver, so I packed some lunches and loaded all the kids in the mini van.  We met up with my Mom and Dad easily, and thought it would be a breeze to find a good spot to view some big ol' steer strutting down the streets of downtown.  How wrong I was! The National Western Stock Show attracts a rough crowd, we witnessed a few verbal scuffles and a grown man threaten to beat a young man with his cane.  I said, "Sir, do you mind, this is a family event.".  That mean old man took one look at the 4 sweet kids I had with me and said, "Mind your own &#@ business!". So we kept walking!  We found a spot that wasn't too over crowded, however, the adults at the front of the line wouldn't budge an inch to let the kids see between their legs.  Quite un-parade like of you ask me!  We attempted to meet Megy - but unfortunately she was on the other side of the street and there was no possibility of crossing - so we waved to her from afar.
We still had a great time and managed to get in and out and park with little trouble and no meltdowns.  That's a win win in my book!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

San Diego Here We Come!

The kids wanted almost NOTHING for Christmas this year.  They are slowing coming around to seeing that they have enough stuff.  So, Mike and I thought it would be fun to give them an experience instead.  Since I'm not working, and Mike's buried in work, I took the kids to San Diego alone.  We missed Daddy, but he would have hated the crowds and the long lines - and I'm pretty sure he enjoyed coming home from work, propping up his aching foot, and eating dinner in silence for a few nights!

Santa gave us a whale watching excursion to kick off the trip!  We saw dozens of seals, several dolphins and one DISTANT whale.  The boat ride was beautiful and so enjoyable. 

Following a late dinner, we took an uber ride up to Legoland.  The hotel was so over the top - a complete fun fest for kids at every turn.  Even the carpet and wallpaper were exciting!  Everywhere you look there was a statue or figurine built out of Lego's.  The elevator turned into a disco party the moment the doors shut, there was a dance party every night after dinner, a whoopie cushion built into the floor, live character visits, skits put on by the hotel staff, bins of Lego's to build with throughout the hotel and in your room, a scavenger hunt with Lego prize packs for the kids to take home every day, a full breakfast buffet included in your stay and an outdoor pool.  It was hard to get them to leave the hotel to visit the Park! 

I was able to squeeze in two visits with friends while we were away.  Kelli Peter was visiting her sister Kitti and happened to be flying home to London the day we arrived.  We overlapped at the airport to have lunch together before Kelli began her long trek home.  Another childhood friend of mine, Dana, lives in San Diego now.  She and her husband and kids were able to meet us at Legoland for an afternoon/evening.  It was so good to see her after all these years and catch up on each others families. 

The kids loved every thing about Legoland, but one of their favorite things was trading Lego Mini-figures with the Park employees.  We brought 10 Lego men from home...and came home with 10 new Lego men and women!

Even after all this excitement, and only having each other to play with for the last few days, Lillian and Joseph still love each other and were quite cute playing together at the airport before catching our flight home. I'm so glad that we were home in time to celebrate the New Year with Daddy tonight.  Bring on 2018....can't wait to see what it has in store for the Colorado Kerschen's!