Monday, June 29, 2015

What a Great Life We Have

We just spent the nicest 10 days in Michigan.  Thanks to Annie & Michael Mullowney's wedding, we were able to see a whole lotta family and friends! 



Holding hands with a real life princess.
'Momma, Can I jump in the water, IN my pretty dress?"
 And catching the sunset...

It was also Grandpa's Birthday while we were there...
 I'm sure the sand cupcake Lillian made Grandpa, was the best cake he ever received!

 I think they adjusted to lake life, pretty quickly!
Pedicures with Aunt Candy...
 Father's Day Dinner in style...

 A quick snuggle whenever they could fit it in...
More Sand Cakes

And lots of jumping in!

Next stop...Lansing!

On our way to Johnny's Baseball Game

Someone was mesmerized!

 Seriously, mesmerized!

 Big cousin, Johnny pulled Jak right up on the bench to be part of the guys.  Of course, Lillian had to join in!

Jak has little fear on the playground these days, and actually encourages Lillian to test herself.  If he can do it, she should be able to as well, right?  A little peer pressure goes a long way!
 Jak trying to be like Johnny!
 Testing out breathing under water...
Grammy & Opa drove up from Indianapolis to join us for a few days.

 Boogie boarding with a little support...
 Beautiful Ladies!
Grammy Kerschen organized a great gathering of friends and family for us, and Aunt Cathy graciously hosted the huge crew.  We were blessed to spend the afternoon with Nana Nancy, Grammy & Allen, Jim & Louise, Lynn and the girls, Father Jeff, Grammy & Opa Hanou and of course, Cathy, Johnny and Layla.  We tore Aunt Cathy's house apart, ate yummy food and swam, swam, swam.

 It took Lillian most of the day to get up the nerve to go down this slide by herself, but once she did we couldn't get her to stop!
 Mmmm, popsicles.

Lazy, hazy days of summer.

After a few days in Lansing, we said goodbye to Grammy Kerschen and headed back to Whitehall. 
 Lillian showed Grammy Hanou around...

 Opa was a hit with his "pop rocks"
 Lillian taught herself to swim and dazzled us over and over with "watch me again"!
 It straight up wore her out!

 Grammy Hanou had the kids exploring nature.

 And they discovered a snapping turtle...a little too closely!
 Lake chores are rough...the kids had to help shuck some corn.
 Jak thoroughly enjoyed not having to go back inside to pee. 
 And Uncle John ran a half marathon!  Cathy, Mike and Candy ran a 5K to support him!
 A relaxed family picture
 The "Men"
 Jak's first S'more!
 And his first sparkler...I think he's hooked!

The "Gals"
 We had perfect boating weather on our last day and spent the WHOLE day down at the lake.

 It goes without saying but I'll say it anyway, the kids had a terrific time and did NOT want to leave.  They're already asking when we can go back!