Sunday, April 26, 2015

Potpourri of Recent Pictures

 We love to snuggle in our PJ's!
 Still climbing any and everything he can...
 Sweet smiles...

 Taking a nature walk with Daddy and stop to smell the flowers. And wear one in our hair of course!
 Watching TV and loving thy sister and brother!
 Enjoying Uncle Zane's brief visit from Florida.  Followed by a little game of, "You've been couched".
 Waking up from a 12 hour rest!
 Helping conduct the trains at the "Touch a Truck" event. 
 Riding in a Monster Truck with cousin Keira.
 And playing Lincoln logs from Grammy Kerschen.
As you can see, it's no fun at all to be a Colorado Kerschen kid.  No fun at all...

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Mia's 4th Birthday!

Mia's Fourth Birthday party was in a "Little Gym" center.  Jak was the only boy attending this feminine themed party - but that did NOT stop him from having a great time!  Lillian and her friends from school practiced walking the balance beam, doing flips on the bars and somersaults and cart wheels on the open floor, and Jak was right there with them for every move!


Overcoming Fear...A sure sign she's turning 4 soon!

Aside from the wind, the Arvada Kite Festival was awesome!  I know, I know, it's hard to have a kite festival without wind, but a little LESS wind would have been nice!  This was a free kite festival put on by the city of Arvada.  In the coming years, the kids will be excited about the enormous display of kites that covered the sky.  But at 2 and 3 years old, all they cared about was the free bouncy house slide available for endless trips up and down.  Mike and I were bored to tears practically as the kids enjoyed the time of their lives!  Finally, I heard someone call, "Courtney!".  Lillian's friend Sophia was at the festival too with her mom, Allison and sister, Alivia.  Thank goodness, they were "veteran" kite festival attendees.  They introduced the kids to the tents handing out free lollipops and other schwag.  And convinced Lillian to ride in a giant ball.  I waited in line for about 30-40 minutes for Lillian to have a chance to ride in a big ol' plastic ball.  When it was finally her turn, she chickened out.  Thank god the lady working the event had some experience dealing with fearful 3 year olds.  She patiently asked Lillian if she just wanted to sit in the ball and not move,  Lillian shook her head, "No".  Then the lady said, how about if mom holds the ball still and you just get in. Aha!  We had a winner, Lillian climbed right in that big gerbil wheel!  It only took her a second to realize this was gonna be fun, and away we went!

 A Little Help from her Friends...

Yup, she's turning into an adventurous 4 year old!

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood?

 Spring is springing and the kids love reconnecting with our neighbors (and their pets!).
 Augie, Jak, Lillian and Audrina playing with Big Kiera's puppy.
 Poor dog
 Poor, poor dog
 Little Jak and Big Jack - playing catch.
 Olivia, Sophia and Lillian - oh and the rolly-polly in Lillian's hands.
Lillian, Olivia, and Emmy (Emmy turned 4 in January, and Olivia will be 4 at the end of June). Oh, and the rolly-polly is in Lillian's hands still!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Hoppin' Down the Bunny Trail

 Dressed in their Easter best, Lillian, Jak and Keira came to my work to give the old people a little thrill and, of course, to hunt for Easter Eggs.
 Anxiously awaiting the chance to go collect all those pretty eggs.
 I read Grammy Kerschen's book, "Mama Henrietta" about a chick who lays Easter Eggs to all the kids who came for the hunt.

I'd say that's quite a haul!

 On the real Easter morning, Jak woke up REALLY early.  We cuddled up and fell back asleep in the spare bedroom.  Poor Lillian woke up at the normal 6 o'clock hour and waited patiently for an hour and half.  Finally at 7:30 we let her crawl upstairs and wake him gently.  She was very sweet...

 The bunny brought them fun toys.  A tic tac toe game and some accessories for Lillian's baby dolls and a couple new trains and some army men for Jak. 

 Kim and Ian hosted the Colorado Hanou Clan - we enjoyed a fake Easter egg hunt and delicious ham dinner.  It was a beautiful holiday to remember.