Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Sweet Dreamer...

Every night before Mike and I turn out the lights, I go back in and kiss the kids good night - one last chance to silently tell them how much I love them.  I love their sweet angelic faces all wore out from their busy, busy day of learning and playing.  But nothing makes me smile bigger than when I see Jak-O sleeping with his hands tucked behind his head like this.  He rides in his car seat like this quite often.  I'll look in my rear view mirror and chuckle to see him with a big ol' grin, gazing out the window - As if to say..."Life is good".  And he naps and sleeps like this in his bed quite frequently too - must be the sign of a very good childhood.  

Jak is an early riser...like his Daddy.  Lately, he has awoken at the LOVELY hour of 4:30 or 5 a couple of times.  I find the best strategy in this situation is to scoop him up, not say a word and bring him in bed with us.  If we're quiet, he stays quiet.  Sometimes he falls back asleep, sometimes he just lays there silently - but either way WE get to lay there silently!  A couple of mornings lately, Jak reaches for my hand, then quietly reaches for Mikes with his other hand.  As if that's not sweet enough, he then joins my hand with Mikes and lays them on his belly and grins happily.  Some woman is going to be very lucky to have my little Romeo love her some day!

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