Monday, March 30, 2015

Jak's First Social Engagement

That title is misleading - Jak is one of the most social 2 1/2 year olds you'll ever meet.  But this weekend, Jak (and Lillian and I) attended the first birthday party for one of Jak's friends.  For some really odd reason, Jak's class has 28 kids - 20 of which are little girls and only 8 boys.  Of those 8 boys, Jak is the only one who attends the Wooden Shoe full time.  His buddy Gray, turned 3 last week and his parents threw him a fun gymnastics party.  The kids had free run of the gymnasium, jumping in the foam pit, walking on balance beams, doing somersaults on the "floor", rolling in large foam tires and of course, jumping on the trampoline.  Jak was so proud to be at a party for one of his friends.  He can't stop talking about it!

 They even saved Jak a seat next to the Birthday Boy!

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