Saturday, February 28, 2015

Building A Great Foundation!

Daddy gets an A+ for his first school project.  Lillian's class is studying "Buildings" this month, so of course they asked Mike if he would be willing to make a special presentation.  Mike stopped by the Home Depot and picked up miniature tape measurers, pencils, aprons and leftover kits from the weekend Toddler Building classes that the Home Depot offers. 
The kids loved it!  He brought in some old drawings that he gave to Lillian's teacher - and Miss Patty hung them up so all the kids could review the building plans and learn.  Then the teachers and kids made Mike a BIG thank you card that Lillian brought home.

 Daddy helped the kids assemble their wood making kits.  Lillian got an ambulance and she brought home a wooden boat for Jak - which he tested right away in the bathtub last night! 

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