Thursday, March 5, 2015

2nd Trip to the Dentist - a coslty one!

We knew letting Lillian go to bed with a sippy cup of milk every night was a mistake.  We knew that one day it would come back to bite us.  But we also knew it made her bedtime routine a whole lot easier.  In hindsight we should have been tougher and cracked down on her bad habit a long time ago. Now that the dentist found 4 cavities in her back 4 molars, she understands that after she brushes all she can have is water.  And she's handling like a champ.  Guess we should have just had the dentist explain it to her a year ago!  Lillian loves to negotiate and manipulate her mom and dad, but when it comes to authority, she's the #1 rule follower. 

The laughing gas - should have been called hysterical gas.  She had the dental team, Grammy and I in stitches.  "Hand, hand, hand....hand, hand, hand"

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