Sunday, March 15, 2015


This is a really difficult post to write, one I've been dreading for weeks now.  There is an enormous hole in our hearts because of the death of one very special woman.
 Linda was my mom's "chosen" sister.  They shared a friendship that comes once in a lifetime - and quite honestly most people never experience a friendship as natural, and relaxed as these two ladies had.  They marched to the beat of the same drum and our families both knew they nourished each others souls the way no other relationship in their lives did.  They both raised 4 kids, had wonderful loving husbands and full time teaching jobs when their kids were junior high, high school and college students involved in all sorts of extra curricular activities.  They kept each other sane, talked each other through countless issues involved in raising 4 hellions, helped decorate the others house and encouraged the other to try new things such as recipes, crafts and shopping for clothes and antiques. 
 Cancer is a horrible disease - but it's especially horrible when you only have 6 weeks from diagnosis to death.  So many words left unsaid and so many things left undone.  Linda's husband and family chose March 14th to honor her life - because it's international Pi day (3.14) - and a fitting day for her mathematical mind!

 It was really great to see all of Linda's boys.  We realized, the 8 of us hadn't all been together since 1995.  Linda would have loved this!
 Round 2 - we took the first picture and realized after that Cody wasn't in it!  He always did have a habit of slipping away from the group.

 Brian and Kelsey are getting married in October, offering us a happier occasion to get together. 

 It was a terrific reunion - we just wish Linda was with us.

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