Monday, March 9, 2015

Midwest Visitors and Keira's Second Birthday!

Cathy, Mike and I have worked pretty hard to get the kids together for so many visits over the last year.  And it sure has paid off.  These 4 kiddos couldn't have been happier to see each other last week.  

All kids LOVE to mix snow and hot tubbing!
 Layla was a little sad to be going off to ski school for the day - without Johnny or her cousins, but it sure paid off in the end, she had a great time and learned a lot. 
 It was Jak and Lillian's first time on ski's.  We rented one pair, purchased one lift ticket and had them swap coats after Lillian took a couple "runs" with Dad first.   For a brief second, I had wished we bought Jak and I a lift ticket too...but it was only a brief second!  Neither Jak or Lillian was able to stand on their own two feet.  Mike spent the morning hunched over balancing one of the kids on his legs as they "skied" down the bunny slope.  Lillian did take one long run with Daddy - they rode on the real ski lift chair and everything.  Next year, we'll get the kids ski rentals for the whole season and practice more, I'm sure they'll be quick learners. 
 Johnny made major improvements.  The first day, he was in ski school unable to make any turns on his own.  By the end of day two he was able to go up and down the bunny hill all by himself without any help from Uncle Mike or his mom.
 The gear may be uncomfortable, but she looked good!

 It's a good thing Lillian wears a blue ski jacket (instead of a pink or purple one).  A powder blue coat is a 'little' less girly and more acceptable for Jak to borrow!
Uncle Mike guiding Layla down the bunny slope.  
 Johnny on the chair lift at Eldora - looking and feeling pretty big.
 Johnny giving Lillian a piggy back ride down the stairs.
 Keira's birthday lands right before St. Patrick's Day - so Holden brought some leprechaun looking mustaches for the gang to wear. 
 The birthday girl and her beautiful momma.
 Mom with 3/4's of her girls.
 Cowboy Mike and Cathy
 Casey surprised us all with a rainbow cake, I wish I had recorded the ooo's and aaa's when she plated up that first slice!
 Casey and I didn't intentionally dress these two alike - but I sure love this picture of them!  Jak's pretending to ride the stuffed horsy.
 Cowboy cuddle!
Great party Keira. Welcome to toddler-hood little lady!
 This girl wants a dog of her own so bad.
 Johnny, Layla and Cathy had to fly home Sunday morning.  But with Grammy and Opa still in town - Kim and Ian hosted an early birthday dinner for Holden.  Lucky girl got to celebrate her 8th birthday the whole month of March it seemed!
 I may not have captured anyone's eyes wide open in this picture - but the pre-bedtime fun is depicted clearly!
 You gotta love Rocky Mountain springtime.  The kids are playing with no coats on and using garden tools instead of snow shovels!
Birthday gifts for the 8 year old.

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