Thursday, May 5, 2016

Real Life Moments

A quote that suits me so well at this point in our lives.  Like Mike always says, "These are the good ol' days".  And this blog helps us remember every moment.

 My sweet little guy, he has his moody moments and three year old tantrums but mostly he is a lover.  He hugs me and says, "Mom, remember this hug, remember it always." And "Mom, you're the best mom ever."
 Jak picked all the grape hyacinths from Mike's job site for me the other day.  He says "You need these mom, cause they're beautiful and you're beautiful".
 I'm not sure who entertained who more, Jak had the goats eating grass out of his hands.

My soon to be five year old received a box of hand-me-down clothes from Layla today in the mail.  Her enthusiasm is so theatrical!

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