Monday, May 23, 2016

Dad's Out of Town And Mom's Mind is Too...

It pays to read birthday invitations correctly.  But in this case, it paid to be wrong too!  Lillian's friend Elise invited her (and Jak!) to the Children's Museum for a cooking class.  
 Mike was out of town visiting Zane in Florida for the weekend and I thought I had it all figured out....haha.  I packed our weekend full of activities and things to do.  But I misread Elise's invitation and showed up at the Children's Museum on Saturday, instead of Sunday (the party day) with a gift bag and two smiling, eager kiddos.  The awesome attendee at the door saw the look on my face and quickly wrapped wrist bands around all three of our arms.  She said, "No problem, Come on in and enjoy today and tomorrow!". 
 And we enjoyed ourselves til we dropped!

 Jak enjoyed the rocket launcher so much.  Lillian did too, but I thought I'd never tear Jak away from it.  You build your own rocket out of paper, then build up the launch pressure by pushing a button, then hit another button to send it soaring.  It didn't take Jak long to learn that if you collected rockets at the far end of the launching area - those were built the best.  He had a system down and was launching 2 at a time by the end of the day!
 Look at that expression!

 I was in good hands with these fire fighters!

That evening we joined Casey, Rob & Keira at a beer festival.  We rode our bikes and the kids road in the bike carrier.  That'll be the last time they ever all 3 fit in their again! 

 And it may be Aunt Casey's last bike ride with that belly!  She's a champ, she's the one who hauled the kiddos behind her!
 Finally Sunday morning, we arrived at the Children's Museum for the party. 
 It was worth the wait.  The kids got to mix up their own pancakes, chop up their fruit toppings and flip the flap jacks on the griddle. 

 The plastic knives were useful and safe.  Brilliant.
 Two thumbs up from Lillian and Nevina.
 We also enjoyed a brief but fun visit from Mike's Aunt Marilyn & Uncle Art.  They are so great to include us in their jam-packed Colorado tour.  We enjoyed showing off our new deck's progress and catching up on their family.  What a weekend....whew!

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