Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Relaxed art Home Birthday Party

With our deck under construction, we opted for a small, at-home birthday party this year, and Lillian was game! Lillian chose an ice cream theme.  We decorated the house with construction paper Ice Cream Cone cut outs, complete with 3 scoops and a cherry on top.  Each kid got to take home ice cream cone poppers (The scoop of ice cream on top popped off and snapped back on), ice cream cone stamp pads and ice cream shaped bubbles.  We served a light dinner, but the main attraction was the ice cream bar of course! Mike finished the deck floor just in time to put the furniture in place and relax and enjoy the party.

We had a surprise visitor Saturday morning before the party.  We had heard Great Uncle Bert was in town, Ingrid had messaged me the night before, but when the doorbell rang that morning, we were all still surprised to see him! 93 and looking good.  (I have to mention, he wasn't driving, Bert had flown out to visit friends and they gave him a ride over).

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