Monday, May 9, 2016

Folks, We Have a Five Year Old

 I think she's proud of her 5 Year Old Status!
She helped bake her own cupcakes for school.  And Jak licked his lips in anticipation!
 Lillian proudly helped serve the cupcakes to all of her friends at school,

 As an after school treat, we headed over to the library. 

 And went out to dinner to Sweet Tomatoes, salad buffet restaurant....the soft ice cream bar at the end was the icing on the cake!

 Aunt Cathy, Johnny and Layla sent Lillian a headband making kit.
 Grammy Kerschen sent Lillian 5 crisp one dollar bills.
And Aunt Candy & Uncle John sent Lillian the SAME headband making kit.  Guess it's no secret, headbands are Lillian's favorite accessory right now.
Grandpa sent her a fancy etch-o-sketch type thing.  It's great to practice her writing on!
And both Grammy's sent her back yard type toys...Bring on summer!

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