Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Fun In the Neighborhood

I like to periodically post pictures of the kids in their normal day to day routine, interacting and enjoying our neighbors.  Everyday life is pretty extraordinary.

 The Cabral's next door have the coolest toys.  Lillian is testing out their new razor scooter....you have to squeeze your legs together and then push them back out to operate it.  She's pretty good at it!
 Good thing we kept my old car, Jak sure does use it as his "Look out post" daily!

 Both kids are getting better and better at experimenting with the "Bigger" kid features at the playground.  Mike and I love to watch them getter braver and stronger. 
And....on a side note, this 5 year old lost her 2nd tooth today!  Hasn't even started Kindergarten yet and she's lost her bottom two teeth. 

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