Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day - Bring on the summer fun!

 Both kids received a summer starter gift from Grammy Kerschen in the mail this sandals!
 Clowns thru and thru!
 Elise's birthday party with Daddy - at the Butterfly Pavilion.  Mommy had to work.
Both kids held Rosie the many Rosie's have there been over the years I wonder...

 We took a little nature walk around The Pond, during a break from the rain.  Our neighbors clematis is the healthiest, most beautiful clematis I've ever seen in Colorado! Rain's good for something!
 On Sunday we visited the Nature and Science Museum with Keira and Casey! Putting our membership from Grandpa Kerschen to good use!

 Hissing Cockroaches - this girl has no fear!

You can almost see the gears in his head rotating too!
 The ball machine had a ball stuck, so Lillian took it upon herself to report it to the staff.  She sure is a take charge kinda gal!  When the repair man arrived, Jak offered his assistance. He sure is a mister-fix-it like his daddy!

These are the biggest slabs of petrified wood I've ever seen.  Of course, we sent Great Uncle Tom a picture!
 I had to work Monday, Memorial Day too, unfortunately.  So I brought both kids with me, they were so well behaved during Sit and Fit and they loved listening to the piano music in our Alzheimer's Unit.
 Jak went home with Daddy for naptime, but Lillian stayed all day.  She was an excellent assistant at bingo and she excelled at serving ice cream sundaes.  We only had about 10 residents come for ice cream, but Lillian chased down an additional 40!  The residents enjoy seeing my kids so much and I love to show them off. 

 Lillian drew a picture for Ryan, our Marketing Director, so Ryan decorated her in butterflies...haha!
Lillian made me so proud today!

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