Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Of course, my car broke down, with no warning, in Aurora, 45 minutes to an hour from home, in the pouring rain.  Of course it did!  Haha - it was so absurd, I just had to laugh.  At least I didn't have the kids with me.  Thank God, Fiona and Mike and the kids came to my rescue.  And thank God for the Aurora Police Department, who not only pushed me out of traffic, but used their hand cuffs to chisel corrosion off my battery and tried to jump start my car in a down pour! My pants were so wet, you could see my freckles through them! 
It turns out that I needed a new alternator.  But this little mishap gave me an excuse to be late to work the next morning and ride along to several of Mike's jobs with him in the AM.  The kids thought it was pretty cool that mom AND dad dropped them off at school in the morning.  And Jak told his teachers all about my car dying, over and over and over again all-day-long.  "Momma's car died, in the middle of the street".  Both kids were very worried about me, bless their hearts (and bless Mike for surviving that car ride to pick me up, they had 100 questions on repeat the whole drive!).

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