Sunday, May 10, 2015

Lillian's 4th Birthday Weekend

I picked up Keira early from her daycare in Lowry, and drove her to the Wooden Shoe to surprise Lillian and Jak.  It's hard enough to get my two kids outta there at the end of the day - it was damn near impossible to get three to leave! But once we strapped them all in the back seat - they were thrilled!
 Aunt Casey got out of work early and came straight over. She entertained the kids while we waited for Grammy and Opa to arrive from the airport.
 We had a nice pre-birthday dinner and Lillian got to open a couple presents.  Hello Kitty books and slippers from Grammy Kerschen, A Nature and Science Membership and some glitter pens and markers from Grandpa Kerschen and this life size barbie doll from Aunt Casey, Uncle Robert and Keira.

The next morning we headed out to the indoor pool at Apex bright and early to secure a spot.  
 Lillian sandwiched between two 8 year olds - Alivia and Holden
 Grammy & Aunt Casey with a wiggly bunch of kids!
 Matching bathing beauties
 As you can see, the kids didn't have much fun at all...

 Lillian put the finishing touches on her Hello Kitty cupcakes, with Mia's help.
 And they devoured them right away and jumped back in the pool - lucky for them no one made them wait a half hour like we always had too!
 Genevive, Mia and Lillian
 Mia, Sophia, Lillian and Marek
 A worn out mommy and grammy - with two energizer bunnies.  They swam 4 1/2 hours straight and we still had to peel them away from the pool!
After the official birthday party was over - we didn't quit the celebrating!  Holden and Everett came over after nap time for dinner, playtime and a sleep over....and more cupcakes!

It took a lot of tucking in and trips back upstairs - but Lillian finally came down from the birthday high and went to sleep (subsequently allowing her big cousins to go to sleep) around 10 PM.  They arose early too - they were up before 6 AM.  It wasn't until later in the morning that they told me they were up several times during the night too.  Apparently. Lillian woke up, and Everett told Holden she should sing Lillian a song to help her fall back asleep.  Holden was struggling with that request in the middle of the night, so Everett sang "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" to her and they all fell back asleep.  We had our own Peter Pan Nursery in the house last night.  What a great Mother's Day morning to wake up to 4 kiddos in the house.  Uncle Mike helped Holden and Everett call Kim to say Happy Mother's day and we all met at church - even Aunt Casey and cousin Keira,  What fun our pew full of kids was!

 Kim hosted a yummy Mother's Day Brunch after church for the whole gang.
We ate and ate and sipped mimosa's and bloody mary's - it was Mother's Day afterall!

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