Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Packin' In the Weekend Fun

The kids spend 45 - 50 hours a week at daycare, so Mike and I tend to pack in the family fun on the weekends.   We are super busy all the time, but love every minute of it!  
Our zoo membership continues to please...

Snacks at the zoo are extra tasty!
First ride on the Zoo Carousel - Up until now I've managed to avoid purchasing carousel and train tickets.  I'm afraid they won't forget next visit!

First dip in the pool for the year!

Snuggling in mommy and daddy's bed has become a fun morning habit - always between 5 and 6 am but still fun!
We had a nice afternoon hike and picnic dinner in the foothills. Only 30 minutes from home.

Lillian got quite a bit of sun this weekend.  Seeing her cheeks all rosy, reminded me of myself when I was a kid. I searched and searched for this picture of the Dana and Paul Seigel, Casey & I on the couch as kids.  There is a strong resemblance there!
 I have been wanting a big rock for the front yard since we landscaped it last fall.  Mike and I couldn't find a time to go "rock shopping" together so he picked out this Gi-normous rock himself - 1000 pounds!  It is so big, Mike and our neighbor, Zack couldn't roll it out of the truck.  They had to prop it up with broomsticks, then give it a shove. 
 Playing with Cousin Keira and Kinetic Sand is always fun.
We were dressed and ready to head to the pool last night, when a big storm rolled in.  I had two very sad kids on my hands, so I improvised quickly!  All this fun, and summer has just begun....

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