Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Euchre Anyone?

A good majority of the Lerch's came to town this weekend for a wedding on Pat's side of the family.  And we benefited by seeing all of them on Sunday.  The plan was to get together for lunch at the Colorado Kerschens house then meet over near Casey & Rob's house for an outdoor concert after naptime.  But the weather turned iffy, and rained (surprise, surprise) and a few of us had a few too many drinks to want to drive to far, so, instead of concert going we ended up playing Euchre all afternoon and ordering pizza!
 Ian and his god-mother LeeAnne...Mom couldn't have arranged a better pair!
 Rick and Becky - their kids befriended our kids instantly!  Lillian still asks when she can see her friend Samantha again.  We've shown her on the map where North Carolina is in comparison to Colorado, but she insists we get together again soon.
 The kid table needed a couple additional seats for lunch today!
 Shawn and Keira swinging
 The Fella's
 The Ladies (minus Kim who had taken the kids to their first summer swim meeting).
Mike and I   :-)
 Soaking up some good sunshine!
Dad's N' Daughters - they walked home from "The Pond" like this!
Samantha and Lillian - Fast Friends!

 Rick wrestling the 2 year olds!
Lillian photo-bombing Grammy and Opa's picture!  Unfortunately, they all flew home on Monday, even Grammy and Opa.  The house seems quite now - time to get back to "normal" I suppose!

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