Thursday, March 28, 2013

Goodbye Old Friend

We had to say goodbye to Hope this week.  She was Mike's faithful companion for 14 years.  You couldn't ask for a more loving, good natured pet than Hope.  In the 6 years I've known her, I only heard her bark twice, she never jumped up on you when you first came home, she wasn't constantly underfoot demanding your attention and she didn't (or couldn't!!!) get on your furniture!  She had such a great disposition and we miss her so much.  No one can deny that she had a great life though! 
Mike & Hope about 10 years ago.

Hope     2-16-99   -   3-26-13
 Hope may not have wanted it, but children just loved to cuddle up next to her! 
Layla at 13 months with Hope.
One of Hope's last good camping trips.

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