Sunday, March 10, 2013

Jak At 7 Months

Jak is mobile! He is rolling and rolling and rolling.  He rolled himself right off our bed the other day, when Mike and I both turned our attention to Lillian for a second.  He thumped right onto the floor and never cried a peep.  I think he was so happy to have controlled his change in location!  He attempts to dive out of your arms to get closer to Lillian, the dogs, our dinner or anything else that strikes his fancy.  He's so alert and engaged by his surroundings now.  Watching him and Lillian interact is so fun for Mike and I.   They are really becoming playful with each other and I'm sure it will only get better from here!
Jak's favorites lately:
Standing in his exercauser
Swinging on the front porch next to Lillian
Playing in Lillian's crib - with Lillian of course!
Sitting up to watch TV (he is a TV junkie already - way more than Lil ever was!)
Rolling around on our bed naked!
And grabbing anything he can get his hands on (girls you better pull your hair back when you hold him!)

Jak is eating more and more foods everyday.  He's had peas, green beans, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, mango's and banana's so far.  Lillian gets a kick out of him eating real food finally.  Of course, his pureed food looks better than her dinner most nights and we end up sharing my pureed goodness I work so hard on!  Oh least they like their veggies!  Jak has one tooth (lower right front tooth) that poked through this morning on his 7 month birthday and 3 more on their way!
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