Sunday, March 3, 2013

Waiting On A Woman.....

Casey's baby girl has not arrived yet and we find ourselves "Waiting on a Woman" like the country song says.  Mom and Dad have been here for a week and a half now.  They even left for four days and went to Santa Fe thinking that might help her make her debut.  But here we are, one week past Casey's due date with no baby.  I think Casey and Rob are calmer than the rest of us!
That's a good looking belly!
While we wait for our little niece to arrive, we've had plenty of visitors to keep us busy!  Mike's Aunt Anne & Uncle Vyto came through town.  They've been on a 3 week US tour, visiting friends and family along the way.  We are so proud to be a pinpoint on their travels!

In typical Lillian fashion she was skeptical of our guests for about 5 minutes before she decided Vyto was her best friend for the evening.  She decided he was pretty cool and poor Vyto had to play "Ring Around the Rosie" with a one year old over and over .......and over!

It's a good thing Anne and Vyto have 9 (almost 10 grandkids of their own), he's well practiced!

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