Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter in the Hood

I haven't felt brave enough to officially post on this blog any details about our new house. I don't want to jinx our phenomenal good fortune!  Mike's hard work and our mutual obsession with "The Pond" neighborhood in north Arvada has finally paid off.  As you know, we walked the neighborhood back in November, delivering postcards to all the houses expressing our desire to live there.  We received quite a bit of responses and toured a few homes, but didn't find what we were looking for.  Mike mailed letters again in March, reminding people that we are still interested, and Debbie Byrd gave us a jingle :)  We loved her house, loved her stories about the neighborhood (she grew up there) and best of all we loved her asking price.  We made her an offer and shook on it right there in her kitchen - soon to be OUR kitchen!  We are set to close on Friday, April 26th.
We snapped this picture from our car window as we drove away after making our verbal purchase!
Of course, we won't move in for a couple of weeks, because my contractor husband has to make a couple of adjustments first.  But we can't wait to be in our "20 year home" as we refer to it. We have 4 bedrooms and an unfinished basement (someday to have an additional guest room) so all you out of town friends - come see us!
The neighborhood has a private pond, two playgrounds, an outdoor swimming pool (with a swim team), a moms co-op and regular neighborhood parties and social gatherings.  Easter Sunday was a gorgeous sunny day.  After church and a yummy IHOP breakfast, we took Ian, Kim, Casey, Rob and the kids over to play at the park.
First family picture in front of the lake.
Great picture of the Burns family...Keira is a month old!
The Colorado cousins loved playing on the playground, and being outside.  Welcome Spring!
Lillian took a 3 1/2 hour nap after playing with her cousins, then she discovered that the Easter Bunny had come.
And he brought her some really yummy treats!

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