Thursday, December 22, 2016

Still Enjoying My Gym!

I'm amazed - the kids have made great progress at my gym lately. They are performing and playing at a much higher acrobatic level than when they started taking classes here.  I love how they expose the kids to so many sports, flag football, volleyball, hockey, zip lining, tumbling, bars, aerial ribbon dancing and more!

 I love that toothless smile!

  And I love those wiggly toes!
 Joseph flips over and over and over again on this bar, and it drives Lillian nuts!  She just can't get up the nerve to turn herself over.  I know once she does it she'll never want to stop!
 Lillian is the special person again at school.  She was able to bring home Annie this time.  So we took Annie to my gym and she wrote a story about it.  Here she is showing Miss Alex her work.

 You can't tell from this picture, but Lillian was standing on the balance beam, jumping off and catching the bar to swing.  She loved it and did it over and over until her hands were sore.  How is that easier than flipping? 

 Here she is spinning in the aerial silk ribbon. 

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