Sunday, December 18, 2016

Sometimes You Just Need a Morning in Your PJ's

 Aunt Candy & Uncle John sent an early Christmas gift and insisted that we open it early.  I didn't have to twist the kids arms too hard.  They loved creating the animal puppets and played with them all day. 

 But Joseph did take a break to go out and clear the snow off the hot tub in his cowboy boots and pajamas.  Mike & I love this side of him, he gets an idea in his head and has to go do it.  He's truly happy playing alone, then easily welcomes his sister to join in his pretend world.  We finally got dressed and drove out to Golden High School to see a youth production of the Nutcracker. We're still exploring Grammy & Opa's new turf, anxiously awaiting their big move!
We weren't allowed to take any photos during the ballet.  But Lillian and Joseph climbed right up on stage after to meet a few of the ballerina's in the Nutcracker.  Joseph didn't join in on the photo op, but you can tell by Lillian's stance that she was thrilled to be welcomed in their huddle!

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