Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve Fun

Love the Christmas Eve tradition of opening presents.  I think the kids like it too!  They really have been so patient.  They haven't asked if they can open the presents that have been sitting under our tree for weeks now.  They pick them up and feel how heavy each one is, they read the tags and compare whose is biggest, heaviest etc.  But they never try to peak or beg to open them.  But if you ask Joseph what he thinks is inside, the answer no doubt is, "Hot Sauce!", with a smile.  That is his go to answer for everything these days.  Joseph do you want juice or milk, "Hmmmm, Hot Sauce!?"  Joseph do you want to wear the blue or the red shirt, "Hot Sauce!".  He eventually answers appropriately, but not before being a goof ball first!

 Everyone wants to hold sweet Natalie.  She is simply the sweetest baby ever!

Grammy & Opa love their "Welcome to Golden" survival pack we put together for them. 

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