Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Gettin' Out and About over Winter Break

The Nature & Science Museum had extra staff on hand for the busy holiday break. 
 Joseph, Graceyn & Lillian enjoyed exfoliating their hands in the Space Odyssey exhibit. 
 Then Lillian got to perform a test.  The volunteer put a virtual screen over her eyes that made her feel like she was spinning counter-clockwise, while she was watching it, he spun her clockwise.  Then he asked her to raise her hand when she thought she stopped spinning.  The audience had a great time watching her "Mess up" the results.  And she loved watching the video of herself afterwards. 

 Joseph loved digging for fossils of course. 
 And all of the kids enjoyed the homemade ice cream.  We took the recipe to "try this at home"!
Another great visit!

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