Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter in Colorado

Lillian was sent home with a fun Pre-K science experiment.  She was to design a "shelter" for a raw egg to protect it from cracking when dropped 20 feet from the air onto concrete.  So the Kerschen's got right down to work.  Bubble wrap was not enough, so Lillian wrapped her egg in a lot of layers of Scotch tape, surrounded by plastic Easter grass and coated in a nice cushion of bubble wrap.  That failed too.  Her next plan was to wrap the egg in tape, many, many rubber bands, Easter egg grass and finally the bubble wrap....and it worked! Too bad when we re-built the device for school it didn't hold up as well.  Her egg cracked at school, but she had a great time experimenting!

 Here we are in short sleeves, and swim suits enjoying a nice Spring evening.
 And here is what we woke up to the next morning!  We got 18-20 inches of snow on March 23rd.  Yup, that's Colorado!
Needless to say, our Easter Egg Hunt at my work was moved indoors this year. It turned out to be a good change!  The residents felt like they were able to participate more (we hid the eggs on their laps and behind their feet) and see so much more of the "action".  And the kids didn't mind being indoors one bit.

 But the Easter Bunny who comes to the Colorado Kerschen household kept the outdoor tradition alive! 

 The cold never bothered them anyway!

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