Tuesday, March 22, 2016

5 Day Get-A-Way to Indianapolis!

We took a great mini-vacay to Indiana to see Grammy and Opa....all of us but Daddy.  After being away 8 days to Miami and the Disney cruise, Dad needed to put sometime and effort into work.  But it wasn't easy on him after being together 8 days straight!

So we said good bye at the curb - the kids aren't sad in this picture, they're blinded by the morning sunlight!
Grammy was waiting in her usual spot - right outside of security and the kids ran right to her.  I had to hustle to snap a picture!

Indianapolis does St. Patrick's Day well.  We walked downtown to see the "Greening of the Canal" Wednesday night.  They had live Irish music, free hats, bagpipes and of course a VERY green water fountain in the center of the canal!

Again, all those toys my parents saved from our youth came in handy.  The kids were instantly mesmerized and captivated by the 30 (+) year old Fisher Price toys!
At first Lillian and Jak weren't too sure what we were doing standing on the sidewalk with a bunch of strangers.  Once that first car drove by and tossed some St. Patrick's day garb - and CANDY their way, it was on! They broke out their biggest smiles and batted their eyelashes at every person that passed by.  And it paid off....

Opa deserved his green beer after spending all morning listening to bagpipes!  And Lillian was proud to be the one to serve it.

Jak's Star Wars obsession continues...we even brought The Empire Strikes Back to watch with Grammy & Opa.  Popcorn & a movie....the best!
On Friday, Grammy & Opa took us to the enormous Indianapolis Children's Museum..  We got there when it opened at 10 AM and stayed all day! 
 They had a giant chocolate slide descending from the 2nd story of the museum down into the lobby of the 1st floor.  And a carousel - IN the museum!  What more could a 3 and 4 year old want!

 Such great exhibits; Dinosaurs, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Princesses and Dragons, and Star Wars!

 When Lillian stepped off of the skate board (that was resting on metal coils), Jak jumped from his board to hers with both feet and landed it!  Crazy kid...

We squeezed in a trip for pedicures, in anticipation of warmer weather!
 Thanks for a wonderful extended weekend Grammy & Opa!  We will return!

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