Friday, March 4, 2016

The Disney Wonder = Wonder-Ful!

After over a year of planning and anticipation, our Disney Cruise was worth the wait, for the kids anyway.  Mike and I are pretty relieved to be done with the whole Disney-thing and I'm glad to be off the boat!  Fortunately, we know, none of us get sea sick, but being out-to-sea for 5 days (stuck in the middle of the ocean!) isn't my thing.  My favorite days were when we docked and got off the boat in the Cayman's and Castaway Cay (Disney's Island in the Bahamas).
Highlights according to Mom:
I didn't have to cook for a whole week!
Our room had no window and therefore we all slept in everyday. Ahhh sleep!
The time with family was awesome. I especially loved watching Lillian & Jak play with Johnny & Layla (and Jackson!)
I loved seeing them light up at every Disney Character they got to meet.
I got to read a whole book while we were away!
Highlights according to Dad:
We discovered Uber and it's "uber"-convenient transportation - it saved us money & time throughout our whole trip!
I loved spending a whole week with Courtney, the kids and our Michigan Family.
Castaway Cay was definitely the best day of the whole week.  We loved the white sand beaches and the attendants walking the beach to offer drinks!
And lastly, I loved watching the kids get to experience new things, especially watching Jak take to snorkeling so well. 

Highlights according to Lillian & Jak:
Cousin Time!
Ice Cream and other junk food all day everyday!
The Kiddie Pool had a super awesome slide!
(That closed down fully everyday due to potty accidents!!!)
The Live Disney Shows every evening were awesome (and a great excuse to stay up late).

First couple of hours on the boat and both kids are too into their ice cream to smile for a picture!

Caymans Turtle Farm
Snorkeling in the Caymans.

Drinking a fresh coconut!

Best day of the whole trip!  We loved the beach in the Bahamas. 

Ketchup in the shape of Mickey's ears to go with their chicken nuggets, mac & cheese and broccoli they ordered EVERY night. 

Fearless Jak

Matching Mr. Incredible's Muscles....well almost!

Pirate Night!  I wouldn't mess with these girls!

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