Saturday, April 2, 2016

Signs of Spring

We're finally warming up and drying out around here.  The 20 inches of snow has melted and we're back in the habit of playing outside after school everyday.  Friday night we came home to a nice surprise in our mailbox.  Cousin Emily sent the kids an invitation to be a ring bearer and flower girl in her wedding next summer!  The invitation was so cool....the kids were able to "scratch off" the request and unveil their surprise wedding assignment.  They were so honored and proud to be asked and of course Lillian's dying to know what her dress will look like.  We're so happy for Emily & Ryley!

 Coincidentally, the kids were enjoying their Spring care-package Aunt Candy sent as cousin Emily's big news arrived.  They put that sidewalk chalk to good use.

 And even though no sound-minded adult would dream of wearing a swim suit and running through the sprinklers on this 60 degree evening, Lillian thought it was a great idea.  Aunt Candy & Uncle John - you're gifts are a hit!

 We hit up the Arvada Kite Festival again this year.  However, last year the festival took place on a ridiculously windy day, annoying me, but creating awesome kite flying fuel!  This weekend there wasn't even a slight breeze.  Very boring conditions for a kite festival.  Luckily, the kids didn't mind.

 And the final news is....Lillian got a wild hair and decided to ask Daddy to take her training wheels off her bike.  Gonna be a back-breaking summer for mom & dad!

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